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01/25/2005: Villagers furious with Christian Missionaries
01/25/2005: When it comes to defining family values, conservative Christians and Muslims are united against liberal secularists
01/24/2005: Iraq Elections
01/20/2005: Bambi's Fate
01/18/2005: Support Women Slaves Struggling to Organize in Iran - NOW!
01/17/2005: And the world criticizes the US for having the Death Penalty - To Be Born in Iran is a Death Sentence
01/17/2005: Iran - Take this Slave State Down Delta Force
01/06/2005: Infanticide and the State
01/03/2005: 9th circuit blunder
12/27/2004: Speak and Remove All Doubt
12/26/2004: Child Slaves - Don't Talk To Me About The Rights Of the PREborn Fetus - Do Something About This First
12/05/2004: French Food Sadism
11/29/2004: Child Savers
11/29/2004: This is a good website for news about Martha
11/29/2004: Write the President - Free Martha
11/24/2004: premarin
11/24/2004: Race, Class & Feminists
11/23/2004: My Caste and my Kind
11/21/2004: airline food
11/21/2004: The Royal House of Cat Book interview by the Best Friends Sanctuary
11/17/2004: The global-local intersection of feminism in Muslim societies: the cases of Iran and Azerbaijan
11/06/2004: rowing through my dream
09/29/2004: Iran: What are we waiting For?
09/27/2004: The time is right to free the slaves in Saudi Arabia
08/11/2004: Now they are really lying about the war
06/11/2004: Hitting Children
06/10/2004: What is a bitch hunt?
06/10/2004: Feminista on Ifeminist
06/10/2004: In France Women are not allowed to tell the truth about the Moslem Patriarchy
06/01/2004: children in the sex slave trade
05/22/2004: A Feminist Perspective on Abu Ghraib
05/17/2004: Sharia Courts in Canada
05/13/2004: Ugly subjects
05/08/2004: Torture in Abu Ghraib
05/06/2004: Organic labeling goes the way of clean air and water under Bush
05/06/2004: NATURE - SCIENCE - NEWS
05/05/2004: Another link in the chain - MetaFilter
05/05/2004: It's happening here too
04/02/2004: Obesity: It May Be How You're Wired
03/27/2004: USA Justice
10/22/2003: Torture by the State
10/12/2003: No to Theocracy - Yes to Democracy
10/10/2003: Support the Good
10/10/2003: they want to train their dogs on live animals/they probably have used your "lost" pet/the world is filled with these people who are protected by YOUR legal system
10/06/2003: Falling Walls
09/25/2003: Alternative Energy Home Tour
07/18/2003: this is the truth of the boys and their guns
07/17/2003: For the Marsh Arabs
07/17/2003: You Go Pat Robertson - Pray Pray Pray - get all your people to Pray
07/16/2003: The State Dept Office to Combat Traffiking has published it's report
07/16/2003: Female journalist 'beaten to death' in Iran
07/03/2003: The USDA’s Food Pyramid Scheme
05/25/2003: From what really happened?
05/25/2003: Poor and Stupid
05/24/2003: And you laughed at Fast Food Plaintiff - add Tommy to the people who lack "common sense" and blame McDonald instead of blaming their victims
05/21/2003: SoyJoy - Read it!
05/21/2003: Great website for Wisconsin folks
05/06/2003: the only thing that is important is doing it their way
05/06/2003: "Lower" Life Forms
05/03/2003: WAR da What is it Good for?
04/16/2003: More news from SOY JOY
04/16/2003: Animal Rights News
04/16/2003: Is CWD really confined to the Mount Horeb "Hot Spot"
04/10/2003: check out this interesting log; SoyJoy
03/22/2003: Shooting Birds probably encouraged by their parents who buy them the Guns; When will they Learn?
03/21/2003: Pass It On
03/21/2003: They do not get paid to be your Friend
03/17/2003: Animal Law Reporter© with updates
03/12/2003: When is a sanctuary Not; Demonstrations March 14-15; Maryland, Virginia, Florida, California...
03/11/2003: I finally saved enough money to get my cowch from Helga
03/09/2003: the food shop rules changed
03/09/2003: free to a good home
03/09/2003: A magazine for those who want off NOW!
03/07/2003: I remember how shocked I was when I learned they hunted and trapped in Refuges
03/07/2003: The Bureau of Land Management
02/27/2003: They had tiny brains and could never actually solve a problem without animal sacrifice
02/18/2003: And even this is not enough!
02/15/2003: This is taken word for word from the EcoLogical Blog
01/29/2003: Feb 6th: International Day for “Zero Tolerance to Female Genital Mutilation"
01/26/2003: do you believe this?
01/26/2003: let's rev up the fax machines
01/26/2003: Well at least the White House is free from slavery to the Utility Companies - too bad they don't make it possible for the rest of us - Bush believes in cash back rewards for himself if not for us
01/25/2003: End Battery Farming
01/24/2003: With friends like this no wonder no one is installing solar
01/23/2003: Alternate Reality
01/23/2003: Animal Law: All their Clients are Innocent
01/23/2003: Big Business Bush does Tort Reform
01/22/2003: The Hunter Harassment Statutes
01/22/2003: Feb. 27, 2003 Wisconsin Organic Food and Farmer Festival
01/21/2003: Janesville Goosehunt Ends! Janesville WI Goose Kill Called Off
01/21/2003: Endangered Species Check Off Money Used to Reimburse Bear Hunters For Dogs They Use to Kill Bears
01/18/2003: Another reason to invade North Korea; feed the people; liberate the animals
01/18/2003: Response to the hunters campaign against animal protectors
01/16/2003: Here is a wonderful site (Eco)Logical Log's links found for me
01/15/2003: I read about Shell's two new divisions Solar and Wind energy; I thought hmm well maybe I could invest in this company and make some money; I did just a tiny little research; It Was Too Much
01/14/2003: Funniest can't find that page message
01/14/2003: Interspecies Alliance?
01/14/2003: It is time for War
01/14/2003: Vegan Cheese on Vegan Recipe Site
01/13/2003: Books to Read
01/12/2003: Bill Frist Gets an "F" on Reproductive Rights
01/12/2003: Defend Margaret Sanger
01/11/2003: Class Warfare
01/10/2003: Fish, Crabs Can Make Human-like Decisions
01/08/2003: What is a Dugong?
01/08/2003: Where are you Julia Butterfly?
01/08/2003: Those who are not Abused as Children do not Ever Understand or Believe how it Determines the Rest of a Child's life; When they do Realize It, Parenting will be Restricted to the Fit
01/07/2003: Not just to stop suffering or to prevent irreparable loss
01/07/2003: Terrorists or Freedom Fighters?
01/07/2003: Tactics - Non Consent
01/07/2003: PETA Targets KFC
01/05/2003: Members of Congress receive lavish pensions but are not required to contribute to the Social Security fund.
01/04/2003: Fight against dolphin kills - go to this site to send an e-mail
01/03/2003: The Psychology of Abuse
01/03/2003: ~Win Westy Win~
01/02/2003: this guy should sign the safe space petition
01/02/2003: Slave Religions
01/01/2003: Send a pizza to Israel
01/01/2003: Another book I want to read
01/01/2003: Beware notice from KidLaw
01/01/2003: The Capital Steps - New Year and Lovely Luna
12/31/2002: Another sports guy gets away with murder
12/31/2002: Corporate Welfare
12/31/2002: A Reminder of what true Martyrdom is all about
12/31/2002: What the heck is going on with Venezuela?
12/31/2002: winbook laptops
12/31/2002: Anna's Belligerent Bunnies
12/31/2002: Animal Tests Get Green Light
12/31/2002: Police Brutality
12/31/2002: Small Minds
12/30/2002: Intellectual Comics
12/30/2002: And now even torture is OK in the name of security
12/29/2002: The Fat Lawsuits
12/28/2002: cobwebs
12/28/2002: Douglas and Solar Energy
12/26/2002: Snowmobiling = Cigarette smokers = Speedboater = ATV drivers: People who do not respect the earth or the other.
12/26/2002: Quark Soup
12/26/2002: Don't Blame the Democracts
12/26/2002: Ethel Blogs
12/26/2002: Scientific American Journal
12/26/2002: Math=Truth=Beauty
12/26/2002: More interesting news from the (Eco)Logical Blog
12/25/2002: I oppose hunting but support our right to own guns: here is why
12/25/2002: War Women
12/25/2002: Pizza
12/25/2002: Earth Justice: Law Policy Center
12/24/2002: Helga's Cowches
12/24/2002: Hospital-Insurance-Drug Complex: The REAL Axis of Evil
12/24/2002: Contacts for the Federal Government
12/24/2002: Abortion and the Bush adm respect for a woman's right to choose
12/24/2002: An Anthology of the Best Political Opinion and Commentary on the Progressive Internet
12/23/2002: A work by Melissa Huff: Chado - The Way of Tea
12/20/2002: Technical Difficulties
12/18/2002: Wisconsin DNR gets 1.7 million dollars to fight CWD
12/17/2002: Kenneth Dombeck who shot my 5 month old kittens, wounding one and killing the other with a bullet in the spine got his offense bargained down to a Disorderly Conduct and was fined about $700.00 dollars.
12/12/2002: Hunters:Their Brains were Small and then they Died
12/09/2002: In every state -non-hunters threatened by hunters - property rights ignored! USE THE PETITION IN THIS ENTRY
12/07/2002: Body and Soul: A Blog by Jeanne d'arc
12/07/2002: Macho Wisconsin-Great for Killers; Bad for Women
12/07/2002: Hershey, Rex and Sister
12/06/2002: More Wisdom from the DNR on CWD Hunting; Chain of Fools
12/05/2002: Januska's Blog
12/04/2002: Heroes fight to free American children from the Arab slave states; American Law Firms represent Slavers
12/03/2002: (Eco)Logical Warns of Hartz Flea Drops Recall - Thousands of Cat Deaths!
12/03/2002: Messages from the Animal Liberation Front (ALF)
12/01/2002: The (Eco)Logical Weblog strikes again
11/30/2002: A quote by Lois Crisler
11/29/2002: Earth Liberation Prisoners
11/29/2002: A Lawyer's Blog on Child Abuse and Neglect - It's Good!
11/29/2002: WHEN I WAS A CHILD I PLAYED WITH THE BOYS by Mary Mackey
11/28/2002: No Justice - Just Us - Have you Been to see where Eggs come From?
11/27/2002: Not Enough Money?
11/27/2002: Bush asks court to seal records on autism caused by vaccines
11/26/2002: No Justice - Just Us
11/23/2002: Have an Ethical Thanksgiving
11/23/2002: Third Parties
11/22/2002: We need a ballot initiative process in Wisconsin
11/20/2002: Outlaw single-hull tankers
11/19/2002: Wisconsin - where 37% of population are right-to-lifers and the rest work for the DNR
11/17/2002: Violent Attacks on Afghan schoolgirls
11/14/2002: Someone else's pet is in your pet's food
11/14/2002: On Dec 1 2001, a woman was killed because there is never anytime in Wisconsin when the DNR forbids killing in natural settings
11/14/2002: Fat People's Lawsuit adds weight to PETA activist's demands-together they score one for our side
11/10/2002: "Hunting" Porn - Sign the petition to Ban it
11/10/2002: Yadkin County Institutionalizes Cruelty in North Carolina
11/09/2002: Sing for the animals we live with
11/09/2002: They kill them but arrest us for feeding them - which side are you on?
11/09/2002: SHOOTING DUCKS IN A BARREL, ASK EISENBERG - Sat. 11/9/02 1-3 pm 1050 AM
11/08/2002: More important information from Rex
11/07/2002: Standing against the Killer Culture
10/31/2002: Another $93,300.00 spent on CWD
10/22/2002: more on goddess worship
10/22/2002: Henry County Animal Torture
10/20/2002: C Span 2
10/18/2002: Oh yeah, it is not about oil
10/17/2002: Another benefit from Wisconsin Killer Kulture
10/16/2002: Read 'em and Weep
10/15/2002: Afghanistan
10/09/2002: Egypt
10/04/2002: Finally-Judy Chicago's work Honored
10/01/2002: Patsy Mink
09/24/2002: Full Moon Facts
09/24/2002: Sept 11
08/29/2002: This is the kind of interesting alternative information available on the CAIDS website
08/29/2002: Drive By
08/28/2002: CWD and Cat Food
08/26/2002: Geese Poop In the Park: Does Your Heart Know What The Wild Goose Knows?
08/25/2002: Oh Mary Doncha Weep
08/25/2002: So Much For No Child Left Behind
08/24/2002: Blaise Cinderwolfe found these quotes
08/23/2002: Bush appoints Parent's Rights Advocate to Child Protection Agency
08/21/2002: One for Our Side
08/21/2002: Now Wisconsin Has Kill Zones
08/20/2002: Gary L. Francione challanges Animal Rights activists to be Consistent in their Analysis
08/20/2002: Oh God - Oh No!
08/19/2002: Lawsuit does what Bush's Oil Business Interests Prevent him from Doing
08/19/2002: Freedom of Speech for "suspects"?
08/19/2002: The Courage of the ALF while Under Attack
08/17/2002: I support reparations for slavery
08/10/2002: Soul Train sexualizes children and profits from it
08/10/2002: The Body comes from the Elements
08/10/2002: The Fat Lawsuit
08/09/2002: Why people want to be Vegans
08/09/2002: 45 children removed in Web porn ring bust
08/08/2002: UN Children's Convention on the Rights of the Child Review Recorded
08/07/2002: This is how Real Women Girlfriends Talk
08/07/2002: Ugly
08/06/2002: Simple, Easy and Accurate *Are You Crazy* Test
08/04/2002: Information you Need
08/04/2002: Why not arm the flight attendants?
08/04/2002: Who are the terrorists?
08/04/2002: more news about the war on freedom
07/31/2002: International Rape -when will they ever learn?
07/28/2002: Gaia
07/28/2002: Idiot Report on the big W
07/25/2002: a beautiful rose
07/19/2002: Past Life Test
07/18/2002: Justice Antonin Scalia's craziness unveiled
07/16/2002: To Dance beneath the Diamond Sky with one hand waving Free
07/15/2002: This temp worker's journal is SOOOO Funny
07/14/2002: Nice Links
07/09/2002: Great, but don't worry - we have the DNR to save US
07/08/2002: Let us talk about the DNR
07/06/2002: Inconstant Moon
07/05/2002: Civil liberties we have lost since September 11
07/04/2002: Junk science about obesity
07/04/2002: Fat Discrimination
07/04/2002: and they will look you in the eyes and say that they care
07/04/2002: Death by Accounting
07/03/2002: Her brother was Eleven Years Old.
07/03/2002: White Power
06/29/2002: Cool Vegans (I am a vegan wanabe)
06/29/2002: vegan recipies
06/29/2002: Abortion Rights
06/29/2002: A beautiful thought sung by Joan Baez found on a wonderful website
06/29/2002: Alice Walker
06/29/2002: Belief-O-Matic
06/29/2002: drawing the line
06/29/2002: Nowhere to Run nowhere to Hiiide (anymore)
06/28/2002: The Palestinian Infrastructure
06/28/2002: why the left has never been a viable option for feminists
06/27/2002: under none but all for one and one for all
06/26/2002: HALI--------- U---------- YA!
06/21/2002: Home Sweet Home
06/20/2002: Resurgence: Nov Dec 96 CONSCIOUSNESS AND COSMOLOGY David Lorimer
06/17/2002: Blogs help Gender Slaves
06/11/2002: Now here is a GREAT Journal Big Fat Blog
05/06/2002: The webmaster is testing again, this time with advertising!
05/04/2002: With the bunnies, in the meadow (To Live Outside the Law, You Must Be Honest)
04/26/2002: Quote given by kd
04/23/2002: The ALF
04/11/2002: southern Poverty Law Center
04/02/2002: Girls just want to be Mean
04/01/2002: Clock Watcher
04/01/2002: Packing
03/26/2002: The Law The Church and State Power
03/20/2002: selling the house
03/20/2002: Admiration Society
03/16/2002: Subject: the article you sent
03/16/2002: sucess
03/16/2002: outer space
03/16/2002: abuse of the day
03/13/2002: celebrate the movement of the planet in the cosmos 196
03/13/2002: well i have started my on line journal writing
03/04/2002: Munchies

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