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05/05/2004 "It's happening here too"

From Jon's Blog - Go there and be sure to click on the photo fragments

SciTech Of The Day - Venus bugs - "Venus might once have been a potential breeding ground for life, but at some point a runaway greenhouse effect dried the planet out. A few scientists have argued that if Venus's climate change was slow enough for life to adapt, microbes could survive there today, living in acidic clouds at altitudes of about 50 kilometers. The temperature there is only about 50 to 70 C - conditions some terrestrial microbes can endure."

Also go to the bottom of my blog on this page- See the green box? Click on the blog moon and then click on "The Ecological Blog" (my favorite blog). The depth of the postings there are of the highest quality and especially interesting to people who want/need social change. I put Jon's site on the Places Moon because, at that time, his site was not really a blog but now it is. Nevertheless, you have to go to the Places Moon and you will find Jon's site under ART. Jon recomends you go to Metafilter for your news reports.


The Not So Sweet Jayson Williams

Why does the manslaugher acquittal of former NBA basketball star Jayson Williams merit a vegan blog posting? Perhaps it doesn't, but there is an angle to this story which has been surpressed both by the media and the court -- information that may have gone a long way to convicting this guy for drunkenly shooting his limo driver in the chest with a shot gun.

Six month prior to this incident, another drunken shooting was conducted by Williams...this time on his attack dog, Zeus:

What Hunterdon County prosecutors referred to as the "dog incident" allegedly occurred in August 2002, just six months before Christofi was fatally shot at the sprawling Hunterdon County estate Williams named "Who Knew?"

Hunterdon County Assistant Prosecutor Katharine Errickson said a Rottweiler named Zeus, a trained attack dog that responded to German commands, was killed on Aug. 8 or 9, between 2 and 3 a.m. at Williams` Alexandria Township home, according to a sworn statement by Dwayne Schintzius, a former University of Florida basketball star who played for the Nets from 1994 to 1995.

Schintzius, who was living with Williams and training with him in an attempt to make a comeback in the NBA, had returned to Williams` house after a night of drinking at the Mountainview Chalet with Williams and friend Chris Duckery. Williams and friends also dined at the same upscale Union Township restaurant Feb. 14, 2002, the night Christofi was killed.

Schintzius said he bet Williams $100 that he could drag the Rottweiler outside the house without being attacked. They agreed, and Schintzius grabbed the dog by its hind legs and dragged it out of the front door.

Williams, whose playful demeanor immediately turned serious, went upstairs, Errickson said.

"When the defendant returns, he doesn`t return with $100; he returns with a shotgun," Errickson said.

Using Schintzius` words, Errickson said Williams allegedly "blasted one round into the side of Zeus and a second round into Zeus` head, almost decapitating him." Williams then loaded two more rounds into his shotgun, aimed it at Schintzius and said, "Shinbone, get this f---ing dog off my porch or you`re next," Errickson said.

Schintzius and Duckery buried the animal in the yard, the assistant prosecutor said.
The judge blocked this testimony because it would be "highly predjudicial and inflammatory" -- I'll say.

But whether or not such evidence should have been allowed into the court room, it certainly should be fair game for the media covering this story. Unfortunately, this has not been the case. In large part this must be because Jayson Williams was always a media darling while an NBA player, a guy who was infamous for going out of his way to give journalists every interview and photo opp they demanded and for always being personable and grateful for their attention. Friends obviously don't forget. For I have since even heard 15 minute interviews with Williams on NPR of all places in which he was thrown only softball questions and no one ever raises what happened to his dog Zeus.

For shame...

Posted by Richard Kahn
4/30/2004 04:02:44 PM | PermaLink

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