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Thursday, September 25, 2003

Alternative Energy Home Tour
Solar home tour Oct 3 and 4th

The Wisconsin Tour of Solar Homes is part of the National Tour of Solar Homes, held across the United States each year in October. Homes throughout the state are featured on the Wisconsin tour. The American Solar Energy Society (ASES) organizes the tour nationally. For information on homes not in Wisconsin please see the ASES web site at www.ases.org.
In 2003 the MREA will be hosting the Wisconsin Tour of Solar Homes Saturday, October 4th and will host a Wisconsin Tour of Solar Businesses on Friday, October 3rd. Both tours will showcase buildings that feature passive solar design, photovoltaic and wind systems, superinsulation, daylighting, solar thermal systems, composting toilets, and more!

Guided tours will take place to homes on the 4th. Tours will be available in Green Bay, Madison, Milwaukee area, central, northwestern, and northern Wisconsin.
There will also be a guided tour of Madison businesses on the 3rd.
For more information on guided tours please download the appropriate regional section below or call the MREA office at 715-592-6595.

Major funding for the tour is provided by Focus on Energy , 800-762-7077, www.focusonenergy.com. Focus on Energy is a public-private partnership offering energy information and services to energy utility customers throughout Wisconsin .

Tour Details:

Self-Guided Tours:
Scattered throughout the state, 90 homes and 20 businesses will be featured on the self-guided tours. All homes and businesses will be open for touring between 10am and 4pm with businesses only open on Friday the 3rd and homes only open on Saturday the 4th. Please contact Katy to have a Tour Program sent to you, otherwise you can download portions of the tour program on our site (click above link)

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