Dead cats at the vet and where they were found.

dead_magic dead_magic_2 dead_magic3 where_magic_was_found_in_front_of_dombeck's_garage dead_wanda_3
Magic Magic Magic Where magic was found in front of dombeck's garage. Wanda
sunday_morn-wanda_found_murdered wanda_dead wanda_dead_2 wanda_found_in_front_of_the_dombeck_house wanda000026
Sunday morn- Wanda found murdered. Wanda Wanda Here you can see how she was found directly in front of Dombecks house



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Note: There are no pictures of Sparky, the first kitten killed. The agony we went through at the vets is unspeakable. Then she had to dig the bullet out of his spine. Although I stayed with him until it was over, I had no camera and could not bear to see his little mangled body so I left him there with her. I should have brought him home but I was in shock. I took the bullet she retrieved and marked to the Dodgeville Police Dept and made the complaint. When I went home, I immediately began holding and kissing the remaining kittens. Then I noticed my hands. They were covered with blood. That is when I saw Thea had a bullet in her neck. I had to rush back to the vet. I also brought that bullet to the cops. The kittens were 5 months old. They had only gone outside for two months. They were so tiny they never got far before I scooped them up and brought them in the house. But their mother was teaching them things outside and I believe that is important. There are no pictures of Valentino, a stray.

Dombeck had made me afraid to shelter any more cats so I just neutered him and sent him back wherever he came from. He showed up one day with half his face ripped off . I fed him and did not take him in. I never saw him again. In this whole 4 year long ordeal, this is the only action I did that I am ashamed of doing. It is a burning pain that does not go away. I am sorry Valentino.