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The Birth of the Global Brain

As Iraqi refugees from fourteen nations across the global village voted last week, the concept of the nation-state itself is transforming under the larger cycle of the Ages:

the end of the Age of Pisces and the beginning of the Age of Aquarius.

As described two weeks ago, the mutual reception of Uranus in Pisces and Neptune in Aquarius represents an inflection point, a shift in the collective global consciousness.

The cyclical conjunction of Uranus and Neptune every 172 years is the chief marker for the evolution of civilizations.

The framework for the nation-state was first formalized in 1648 under the Treaty of Westphalia, which took place when Uranus and Neptune were conjunct in Sagittarius.

The previous conjunction in 1478-79 marked the Renaissance, and the conjunction in 1821 witnessed a broad spectrum of emerging nations, especially in South America.

The most recent Uranus-Neptune conjunction in 1992-93 brought the dissolution of the Soviet empire and Yugoslavia, and the emergence of many smaller nations, as well as the European Union, and the establishment of the U.S. as sole superpower.

Among the evolving concepts of the nation-state was the birth of the micronation*, which is a group of like-minded people declaring their sovereignty in cyberspace. A virtual boom in micronationalism was made possible through the internet, which became viable in 1992-93 during the Uranus-Neptune conjunction.

The international symbol for the world wide web is www, very similar to the glyph for Aquarius.

As the web reaches every individual across the planet, the confluence of micronations may spontaneously reorganize itself into the World Wide Nation.

This phenomenon can be described as the evolution of consciousness into the Global Brain..............more

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