Conservation Groups used to cover Military Killing of Feral dogs and cats

The U.S. Navy issued a Policy Letter Preventing Feral Cat and Dog Populations on Navy Property: "Navy commands must now ensure the humane capture and removal of free roaming cats and dogs, and Trap/Neuter/Release (TNR) of stray and feral cats will no longer be established on Navy land.

All existing TNR programs on Navy land were terminated no later than January 1, 2003." The Department of Defense recently contracted with the American Bird Conservancy to devise a program for military installations. (Greenconsciousness Notes: Don't you just love the rational voice of the killer? Just what happens to these "humane captured and removals"? Are they used for military experiments? are they killed in shelters? I curse these military installations and hope that they and their bird collaborators are overrun with rats the size of the dogs they are killing)

See the Feline Resistance for state by state war on cast off companion animals. Here is what the Feline Resistence has to say about the DNR proposal to shoot feral cats.

By now, most cat advocates are familiar with the controversial proposal which would allow Wisconsin hunters to shoot free-roaming felines. There are two key issues that should be examined before the hearing on April 11:

If this proposal passes, who stands to gain?

-Certainly, the hunters will be elated. Now they will have the government’s approval to sharpen their skills shooting little cats. They will also have the gratitude of misguided bird enthusiasts for “protecting” their avian friends. Hunters could also make tidy profits by selling the carcasses to lab supply houses, pet food manufacturers and fur traders.

-Stanley Temple and John Coleman will be pleased. After years of ridicule and scorn resulting from their often cited, but universally debunked “study”, they will have been vindicated. Their extrapolated, exaggerated “statistics” will finally be accepted by the public as “fact”.

-The Wisconsin DNR, who published the “study” back in 1996, will have scored a real coup. By encouraging hunters to take the lead in this indiscriminate extermination of outdoor cats, they will have shielded themselves from criticism and the inevitable public backlash. By allowing hunters to shoot the cats, DNR has one less job to do.

-The biggest winner of all? The American Bird Conservancy, a special interest group which has funded a national campaign against outdoor cats. Why? Because their case is based in large part on the “study” by Temple and Coleman who just happen to be members of the American Bird Conservancy’s Cats Indoors Technical Advisory Committee.

In addition to the felines, who stands to lose if this proposal is passed?

-The birds, ironically. With a multitude of cats out of the picture, the rat population will increase. Rats devour bird eggs at an alarming rate and have decimated songbird populations in preserves where feral cats have been removed.

-Civic leaders and politicians who will feel the wrath of cat lovers when they are up for re-election. They may have to explain to their constituents why tourism and convention business is down.

-The citizens of Wisconsin who will be vulnerable to humiliation. In addition to the coverage by mainstream print and electronic press, there is the likelihood of ridicule from social satirists like Jon Stewart and Bill Maher.

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Prepared by The Feline Resistance volunteers 03/10/05


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