Freedom is Coming

Syria has been hiding Saddam's half brother, Sabawl Ibrahim al-Hassan. He had been financing the murderers in Iraq with the oil for food money. Syria has been forced to turn him over to the Iraqis, with 29 of his cell members. We got him from Hasakah, Syria, on Sunday. Hasakah is not far from the Iraq border.

Hassan was the leader of the dreaded Iraq General Security Service - he killed and tortured Iraqi citizens and now they will judge him. On Feb28th, his money financed the killing of 110 men lined up to join the Iraq police dept, and wounding of 113 men in Hillah, 60 miles south of Baghdad.

TWO HUNDRED AND TWENTY THREE PEOPLE. (The count has risen to 125 dead)
Why they cannot secure recruitment and training sites is beyond me. It shows a great contempt for these people to let them stand unprotected in long lines - hundreds of people standing outside until someone comes along to kill them all. What a waste of recruits. Can't we have a green zone for recruitment centers? Where is Rumsfeld's big brain in regard to this problem? One car bomb wipes out a division. Jeeze!

I heard an apologist for incompetence on The News Hour w/Lehrer, Gen Abzad, say in response to the above question, that the US can't be all places at all times but who the hell is asking for that?
Be where there are long lines of hundreds of volunteers for the Iraqi Police.
Protect those lines!

Iraq also captured, Khaled Rajab, who has been filming the beheading and who was leader of a cell of 40 thugs and killers. Last Friday they captured Abu Qutaybah, a senior aid to Zarqawi who is as we all know, the chief
throat-cutter terrorist, in the head-cutting movement in Iraq.

Syria is being kicked out of Lebanon by the people. They are in the streets to demand their own democracy as others have done before. The government has resigned. I have no idea why the U.S. "news"papers are not putting this on our front pages but the people in the middle east who hunger for freedom, who are willing to die for freedom, who are dying for freedom - that is no big deal - not the REAL story - as far as the publishers are concerned.

May the infamous Syrian secret police circle around one another and kill each other and the dictators off.

And the walls came tumbling down. Hurray for the jackals!


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