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From the Infinite Cat Project 3-12-05 -

"I prefer to use Advantage or Frontline to keep my two cats flea-free, and they both work great, but recently I gave Hartz's flea-and-tick treatment a try on my male cat and was THAT ever a mistake. For about three days he was in a daze and kept staggering about, but he's a hardy soul and the effects soon wore off. I decided to check the net to see if anyone else had reported a problem like this and I stumbled upon, whereupon I learned I got off easy as this web site hosts story after appalling story of pets who died horrible deaths upon the application of these products. Spread the word."

Note from Greenconsciousness: I have had the same problem with Hartz products - do not use their powder - do not use their flea collars - if you want to experience why not - wear a flea collar for one day around your neck - by the end of the day you will be so sick with nausea - your head will hurt so much - you will never do this to your animals - dog or cat. Go on-line and get Frontline cheap from PetMed - a little dab between the shoulder blades - if you have money go to the vet the first time and have them demonstrate - other wise read the directions - it is not rocket science.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks for the info about Hartz. Not sure if you have a sponsor in 800-Pet-Meds and that's the reason for your link for Frontline, but after surfing for awhile I found They're selling Frontline for almost half of what PetMeds is. I thought you might appreciate the tip. We can't afford to throw money around these days!

8:07 PM  
Blogger greenconsciousness said...

Thank You! No I dont have a sponsor. I do not even know what that is. I will definitely check out budgetpetmeds!!!!!

8:12 PM  

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