International Women's Day

March 8th is International Women's Day (IWD). Martha Stewart is home, joyously reunited with her animals. TV shows her stroking her horses over and over. She is a symbol of women imprisoned unjustly in the U.S. Watching TV commentators last night proved to me again how men just do not get it. They were saying her stock was overvalued because her magazine had a lot of competition from other magazines, such as "Get Simple" and "Oprah". What a joke.

Both those magazines but especially "Get Simple" hype merchandise such as make-up and clothes for sale. Supposedly the "best" products. Skirts that start at $110.00, bags at $300.00, shoes starting at $120.00 (unless they are flats).

Oh sure, they throw in a $30.00-$90.00 skirt once and a while but mostly just push high-end merchandise under the guise of showing you the best for your shape. "Best for Boy Shape $211.00, Best for Tall Women $132.00, Best for Curvy "Figures" $123.00, Best for "Full Figures" $30.00 (because the places that pay us to recommend them do not carry your size).

Martha's magazine teaches you how to repair the skirts you own and how to organize them beautifully in the closet. She teaches you how to make crafts with children and animals, and preserve them beautifully. She teaches you how to decorate beautifully and simply with what you already have. She teaches you to treasure the simple things you find or have and to display them beautifully. She teaches you how to use tools and which ones really help you do a job more easily. She apologizes when she asks you to try something more expensive but will do so when the quality is significant to making the work easier. She teaches you to grow your own, preserve and serve it beautifully. She teaches self-sufficiency and makes you proud of your strength.

The advertisers did not desert Martha because she was convicted of obstruction meaning lying about something which was NOT a crime. After all Martha was convicted with the help of a govt. expert who lied, a witness who bought himself a lighter sentence by saying what the govt. needed and a juror who lied about his background to get on the jury.

Advertisers deserted her because she would not shill their overpriced shoddy merchandise. Because she would not prostitute herself to the throw-a-way society. They went to glorified catalogs posing as magazines and paid for ads posing as articles.

Only those who will never understand moral values could possible compare her magazine to those other pieces of corporate hype. That is why so many of us were angry at the government for prosecuting she who made a mistake while ignoring those who stole money from their employees and investors. But they are slimebags just like the people they do not prosecute and Martha put them all to shame with her courage and dignity. The people are the ones who will save Martha by buying her magazine. Subscribe now or better on IWD, March 8th.

I wish I had thousands of dollars to invest in her company. It worries me that she has been talked into doing one of those phony reality shows which are so disgusting. I think she was beaten down by her humiliation and became afraid and so agreed to this crap. The show she used to do on TV was of such high quality that she should have just kept doing that. But the hype masters reached out when she was low and said they would pull her up and now she is stuck.

How much better it would have been to rehabilitate or elevate to wealth three of her fellow inmates by hiring and training them /letting us watch that process. But of course that would not be the phony drama that makes Trump's life such a soap opera. And not as cheap to produce.

Poor Martha, may she break free from those who want to "help" her and will only drag her down to their level.

Also on this IWD, women in the Middle East, imprisoned unjustly by their culture, have hope that freedom is coming for them.

I believe only those of us who have in the past or at least now do support the invasion of Iraq and Afghanistan can celebrate IWD with a clean conscious.

If you are still clinging to your outworn values, appropriate to old wars and different circumstances, use this day March 8th, to transform yourself and be reborn in support of the invasion and liberation of the middle east people, especially women, from the oppressive theocracies. Just do it and join the reconstruction discussion without all that stupid baggage you carry. You were wrong. Get over it.

By now you must understand that religious oppression is and will be maintained by force. It can only be ended by a greater force. The people can not do it themselves when against them is a terrorist secret police system greater than the Pol Pot was in Cambodia. And the Pol Pot destroyed an entire race of people in Cambodia in furtherance of their ideology.

People, especially women, endure a living genocide in the Middle East - a living death in a death culture. Every aspect of their lives are controlled by religious law, including thought and appearance. The penalties for mistakes are torture and death.

They are a great lesson for those of us here in freedom-land about the dangerousness of those busybodies next door who want to save you, who believe their way is the right way for everyone, who want you to join their church, who tell you that you are going to hell if you do not think as they do, do not dress modestly, do not mow your lawn as often as they do, do not believe in living by their restrictions, do not want to say "under god" when you pledge allegiance to YOUR country.

The people who insist you do things their way are not just annoying. They are the hypocritical face of the inquisition, right here in freedom-land and they are doing their best to turn the U.S. into a theocracy. I am not talking about Bush. I am talking about your pastor, your priest, your neighbor, and the local cop.

I am not worried about Bush. He is the instrument of liberation. None of what he tries to destroy our reproductive rights at home will succeed. Bush is there to liberate not slave. If he does win a few battles, it is your fault for not organizing for anything but invasion opposition.

Someday I will write about "Instruments" for it is interesting how they are formed and carry out their mission even when it is not what they think they are doing. Do not worry about his power. Oppose his policy at home and support his work against corruption in the U.N. and the E.U. Sing and dance before him. Garland him with flowers and lead him to the altar for his season will soon be over and he will have done much good in the world.

Save your anger for what he has exposed and what will follow, for he has only opened the door. There will be the work to continue when he is gone. And he is gone in 3 years. But there will still be those corrupt nations whose masters care only for their commercial interests and have total domination of the people they have impoverished. We the people can only be strong in our freedom when we are united with other peoples around the world and NOT with their corrupt leaders.

It is ironic that those called Democrats do not care about democracy in the world beyond their own borders except for empty rhetoric in speech to the uninformed. How they talk about human rights when they are running for election, oh what stirring speeches they make at the labor union rallies. But their speeches are pure partisan demigod BS because they never speak that way to the dictators they wine and dine.

The Democrats have shown by their opposition to the invasion that they do not really feel that our lives are enriched when other people live with freedom or at least are on the path to freedom. They will not risk losing popular support to insure that every aspect of our foreign policy is intolerant of the oppression of people by unelected dictators .

The Democrats will not be and have not been intolerant of the unequal status of women and minorities within cultures. They walk right by the hejab, the black chador, the abaya veil and the burqa. They never even actually see those women. It is a more comfortable life when you close your eyes and only talk about equality in the US where no one asks you to lose votes to stand for it. And this is true of the women politicians as well, Boxer, Palosi and Baldwin, hypocrites.

As it is now, the Democrats justify their oppression-tolerance by claiming that such tolerance promotes diversity, "peace", cultural relativism and civility. So did ignoring the holocaust and there were plenty of citizens who did that before and during WWII. There were people who supported Stalin all through his genocide convinced that they were promoting "peace" and "international solidarity".

I, who have voted Democrat in every election including the last one, can no longer call myself a democrat. They are just cowards and hypocrites. Now that they have been exposed as such they should just change and get it over with. Or even Hillary will not be able to pull the democrats out of the ashcan of history.

Of course this hypocrisy is not true of all democrats (or all republicans). For instance, our Wisc. Senator Feingold is a saint on women's rights. I do not want to know if he opposed the war though I suspect he did - they all made political hay off the left's hypocritical reaction to the invasion. You remember the left - they are supposed to represent human rights and liberty more than the right. Just do not ask them to sacrifice their cushy lives for it.

At least Hillary Clinton has recognized the necessity for the war. I am not going to have any trouble voting for her. I hope she picks Condi Rice as her vice-president. Condi Rice is publicly pro-choice.

The Republicans have created within the State Dept, Offices on Trafficking, Sexual Slavery, International Women's Issues and are actually funding these issues. I have severe criticisms of their inadequate reconstruction programs (see past entries) which are wasteful of money. But I admire their foreign policy efforts at education and property rights for women.

The Republicans do not understand the fundamental need for battered women's shelters in Iraq and Afghanistan and that is tragic for none of their efforts will succeed without them.

The NGO's they fund are not feminist and are probably tools of the CIA so , although you would think they would fight for shelters, they are not suggesting any meaningful programs to this administration either. We could use the Democrat voice there in the post-war effort to achieve the liberation of women but they are to busy talking about how it was wrong to invade. My disgust is an ocean.

I shall just call myself a feminist - a real feminist - gloriously happy on International Women's Day that my sisters in Iraq, in Afghanistan, in Lebanon, even in Kuwait and maybe in even more nations will have a chance to get out of the despairing slime of theocracy; the hanging, the stoning, the killings, the beatings, the prostitution, the incest, the slavery, the forced pregnancies, the burnings, the lack of hope, the suicides and the crippling of the mind and spirit.

Theocracies are the real Great Satan that the Muslim Brotherhood is always warning their captive audience about.

On International Women's Day, I shall dance the dance of power and send the force crashing against the Great Satan in Iran,
and I hope you will too.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

After listening to the anti-war and anti-Republican (too much "anti" and not enough pro) bickering of a certain Neopagan crowd, your comments are fascinating.

However, I keep in mind that Bush sets the tone, with his remarks that Wicca (Paganism) is not a valid religion, for example

I find the idea of internationally linking of hands, hearts, funds, concepts and minds toward certain foci very attractive. At the same time speaking out about yet another female professional "getting the treatment" strikes me as just as important ... here at home.

After your experiences, I wonder what you would think of as time goes on? True, we can’t be sure if the accused is innocent even though the accusations/charges have the feel of fabricated preposterous lies to them (to me anyway), but what if she is innocent and the public stays uninformed about it or only gets "the official version" ... and we know how different official versions or court records may be from the nature, purpose and extent of what actually happened?

I don’t think they’re suing the hospital instead of the woman because they are afraid of her as an individual. I think they’re suing the hospital to make sure they will find ways to avoid having Wiccans/witches/others in their hire because they will be a liability.

What would happen if you and she you started talking (if she’s innocent) ... and then more and more like you started comparing notes and gained clarity, numbers and voice?

After all, others can ruin a woman by literally throwing acid in her face, as they do to women in other nations for example, or here they can burn woman's reputation (their career and public face) beyond recognition and take away your livelihood as well as social and legal supports…since woman here have such things (things women would love to have in other countries). It’s the same ugly mentality.


12:53 PM  
Blogger greenconsciousness said...

"I don’t think they’re suing the hospital instead of the woman because they are afraid of her as an individual. I think they’re suing the hospital to make sure they will find ways to avoid having Wiccans/witches/others in their hire because they will be a liability"

I think they are suing the hospital because that is where the money is - the client and therapist could be in it together for the money.

Really - there will be a trial or more likely a settlement - there will need to be proof - depositions - witnesses and they really might be in it together.

I will defend the use of the tarot as an excellent meditation tool to teach to women who need to learn to hear their own voice and think about their own problems. I have done this and I will do it in the future.

But the rest of what I read is off the wall. After you teach the tarot system to the client and warn her about all the dangerous users out there she must find her own way.

What I read in that article is religious recruitment and indoctrination for the purpose of sexual exploitation. The coven will be called as witnesses, the sexual partners will be called as witnesses - if it is not true there will be no one to call. I would have no sympathy for any therapist who introduced a client to any religious body or who preached ANY religion to a client.

Why don't you try to follow it and attend the trial if you can. Buy the transcript. Best of all, ask Court TV to cover the trial. They would love something like this. Tell them you would like to cover the trial for them. Let me know if they do cover it - I tell you it would get a big audience.

5:40 PM  

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