Seeding Dreams for Afghan Children

The OPERATION DREAMSEED concept is the result of a unique and unexpected collaboration between a Soldier stationed in Afghanistan and a school teacher in Texas, with contributions from several other key people from across the United States.

Stationed at Kandahar Air Base in Kandahar, Afghanistan, Soldiers spend much of their time in direct interaction with the Afghani people in nearby villages. They noticed that the children all love receiving small gifts from the Soldiers, but their favorite giveaways aren't candy or toys. Their faces really light up when they are given items they can use in school.

Pencils, notebooks, and even craft supplies are cherished by these kids, many of whom are girls attending school for the very first time. Through the internet, Soldiers have come into contact with Heartland Heroes from all over America who have expressed a desire to support the mission of the Troop by providing humanitarian assistance to the Afghan populace.

Considering this dynamic, our founders were looking for a way to combine the lessons of servant leadership with the obligations of patriotism. OPERATION DREAMSEED was born.

OPERATION DREAMSEED is underway in the southern region of Afghanistan, the birthplace of the Taliban, the former home of Mullah Omar and Osama Bin Laden. The region's populace is 80 percent rural and 90 percent illiterate. Education is a long-term solution to the problems of a generation of children who long for peace, prosperity, security, and freedom.


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