Best quote - Don't Hunt Wisconsin Cats

The group Don't Shoot the Cats has a petition against hunting cats which 27,000 people have signed and you should also sign it here.

It has a comment section where signers can make a statement. I saw this and it made me smile.

"The cats in my area are well behaved, non-destructive, and most are in their owner's homes by night fall. If it was legal to shoot and kill anyone or anything that you don't care for or find annoying, I, for one, would have about 35 people buried in my back yard by now."

See Also and click on the comment section in:
4/13/2005 12:53 pm
The Conservation Congress is a Joke
by Lee Rayburn
here is a sample
"In the years to come, we need to end this tax and fee-funded rod-and-gun lobby. Established in 1934, the Conservation Congress has become an outdated and unaccountable mode of democracy that does not reflect the will of this state. These conservation issues concern all of us and belong on the ballots of statewide spring elections. Until then, mark your calendars for April 10th, 2006."


Blogger catslovers said...

I'm all against hunting cats. let this animals be free. So let them be free. it's unfair... should have their territory where they can be real masters...

8:46 AM  

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