love is all you need

It is important to love, especially when you are in the valley of tears where the shadows dwell.

I woke up this morning with a cat on each extremity. One at each foot, one lying at my back and one curled up at my chest. One light gold beauty makes sounds in his sleep that are not like snoring but like a crying mewing as if he is having dreams of pleasure. Impossible to describe but very sweet to hear. It makes me smile. Another is a very loving boy who just lives to be next to me and that is his aim in life. Another is an independent Tom who is a Big Poon loyal and generous, a brave heart, won over by head scratching. Another is a tiny marvel of intelligence and speed of comprehension. Her reactions are jaw dropping.

I was surrounded by Love and I loved in return.

I have been in the valley of tears. Injustice put me there - the deliberate cruelty of other human beings who took pleasure in hurting me. There are monsters there in that dark valley, suspicion, rage, anger, hatred, self-pity and despair. Sadness. They wait to consume people in the valley. They suck the life energy away. You can die there.

I realized this morning that only love is real and love is the angel savior and protector in the valley of tears. That is the gift of animals to all of us and it is a great gift. That is why the greatest evil is to harm animals or children. Not only because of the pain we inflict on them but because it is a rejection of love, our own ability to love. That is an acceptance of evil. When that happens the human being becomes evil.

I have been saved by the Guardian Angel of Love, loving and being loved in return. And that is my last great lesson. It is important to love and only love is real. Now the Great Angel of Deliverance will show me the way home.


Blogger WookieMonster said...

Right on. This is exactly what I think after waking up with a 90 lb. dog laying on my legs (well after I get them out from under and woken back up again, that is). She loves me so much she just wants to be near me. And providing that joy to her makes me even happier.

9:26 AM  

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