Sign the dont shoot the cats petition

Tomorrow, in every county the hunter's lobby will vote on what laws they wish to pass. Two of these questions show the depths of their depravity. One asks if they wish the hunting age to be lowered from 12 to 10 years of age. The second asks if there should be an open, unlimited hunting season on collarless cats.

Dont Shoot the Cats webpage has a link to a petition where the decent people of the U.S. are telling the Wisc. Dept. of Natural Resources what they think of the proposal to shoot cats. Below is a comment from that petition.

"This is so barbaric. Hunters, use your brains for a change instead of a bullet as a solution. There are more humane ways to handle this. Ferals ARE a problem but the bigger problem is this man's intent. He just wants to shoot cats, period. Then what, dogs or someone's kid? I have a friend whose dog was shot to death by a "hunter" after he chased her with an ATV and a rifle. The owners were looking for her. He shot her from behind and blew her abdomen apart, then shot her in the head,took off her collar and threw her body in the ditch. Someone saw him. He claims he thought it was a coyote..since when does a min-pin look like a coyote. After chasing her, he should have been able to tell the difference. He is now facing charges! Good, I hope the courts cook his rear. Is this what we want to encourage? Don't tell me that they will "look for collars first" to insure it is not someone's lost pet. Hogwash! Here is proof of what this will perpetuate!!! I say no way, hunters have enough to shoot at and kill for their entertainment."


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