Tell Cat Hunt Protesters Bambi needs your support

Many of you know a Wisconsin woman in a hunting family rescued a fawn when its' mother and sister were killed by a car. She has it in a DNR approved pen on her farm, it comes to her when it hears its' name. "Bambi" eats from their hands and generally has become the family pet.

The DNR says no one in this state is allowed to relate to animals in any way except to kill them. The DNR is spending our tax dollars in a Court action asking for an order so they can take the fawn and kill it. They found it impossible to find any exception in their rules to allow taxpayers to befriend an animal.

On April 22 , when the Judge decides, as he will, that the DNR has the right to take Bambi, we should all be ready to publicize the fact that the hunting mentality controls the DNR. The staff of the DNR are trained to be only killers and we do not want that mentality controlling the natural resources which belong to ALL Wisconsin citizens.

We all should be at that farm sitting in front of that fawn. Let them shoot us all.

I think the cat people and the Bambi people ought to join together to do something if the DNR tries to take the fawn - the DNR policies and procedures are our common problem.

I am urging the cat people to organize for Bambi using the newsletter they have to alert their members and using the addresses on their petition to do a mailing for Bambi.

You could go to their site - click on the "email us" button and
tell them you agree with me that we should support all the animal defenders who suffer because of the DNR policies and procedures.

Put your name on their mailing list. I will leave an up-date messages on my blog if they decide to protest DNR taking of Bambi. You can also go to Madison FORUMS here and leave a message of support. You may have to register but you can choose any name you want. I am, of course, Greenconsciousness.

My incredibly witty friend wrote the Don't Shoot The Cat People as follows:


I was at the Madison so-called "conservation" congress this month, and was just as disgusted with the moronic mind-set this year as I was during the "Let's shoot the Mourning Dove" congress.

I'm writing to ask you to urge your membership to show up for Bambi on April 22, as the DNR (Dumb - No - Ridiculous) turns its attention away from the dangerous house cat to the menacing Bambi.

While the nation - nay, planet - watches, now is the time to unite to protect all Wisconsin animals from the GunsRUs mentality governing the DNR.

Please urge your members to show a united front and make the DNR permit the family to keep their pet deer.


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