Animals and Katrina: What Now?

Now they are saying there are packs of wild dogs hindering repair crews.
They will have to shoot them.

Yet the "rescuers forced people to abandon their life companions, at the point of rescue, at the bus, at the shelter. They even tried to separate a blind woman from her guide dog but she refused and stayed in her flooded home 6 more days until they came back and let her evacuate with her dog.

All those animals you saw in cages before the 8th were not rescued animals, they were animals surrendered by desperate owners at the SuperDome.

And no animal welfare group spoke out publicly against this EXCEPT FOR PETA. HONOR TO PETA. Ask Mr Pacelle of the Humane Society, why he did not use the media to demand that owners not be separated from their animals (and use direct action/arrests and the media to force a change with all the other animal groups who are making money off this tragedy).

Before you donate, Ask why the Humane Society has not joined in the lawsuit brought by PETA (the only group to speak out) over the separation of animals and owners. On the day PETA filed a lawsuit claiming the separations violated cruelty laws ( perhaps a questionable thing to do but they were willing to take the heat) the animal welfare groups were let in to rescue abandoned animals.
Now Pacelle opens his mouth. Well, I guess it's better late than never. Perhaps this is a learning experience for them as it is for states and local government. But he will learn quicker and permanently if funders give elsewhere.

IF YOU WANT TO HELP THE ANIMALS SEND MONEY TO: the Louisiana Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals and Noah's Wish and PETA_


Contact your state's Homeland Security Office and ask what the policy is in regard to transporting the stranded AND their animals.

Here's the Wisconsin version of"Homeland Security": -- Our very own"Homeland Security" newsletter!

And here's another emergency-management site:

There is a form on their site where you can ask questions. ASK:

What is the policy concerning the evacuation of poor people who want to take their companion animals?
Where can policy regarding this issue be obtained?

Who makes such decisions in [your state]?

If you receive a favorable response:

Ask if local animal welfare groups have been selected to get buses, and shelters specifically for keeping animals and their owners together in such an emergency. Ask if the animal welfare groups have access to funds to hire drivers, buy crates and practice evacuations. Ask if they are required to develop emergency evacuation plans.


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