Sign the Pets (Evacuation) Petition. Then take part in creating the details of your state's plan.

Don't abandon pets in disasters!

Will yours be the 100,000th signature? Sign this petition.

How many more pets will be lost while we wait for Congress to pass the Pets Evacuation and Transportation Standards (PETS) Act?

If you haven't signed this petition to Congress, please do so today. If you have signed, thank you! Now, to maximize your impact please ask your friends to do so:

The arrival of Hurricane Wilma reminds us that keeping pets and their people together during emergencies and disasters should be a top priority. As you know, too many people in New Orleans remained in Katrina's dangerous path because officials wouldn't allow residents to bring their pets to shelters or on buses, and too many others had to leave their beloved pets behind.

While Florida appears to be better prepared, a universal policy is critical if we want to make sure pets are not abandoned in future disasters. Plans to protect pets during disasters are still inadequate.

We need Congress to take immediate action and order the full support of federal responders and relief workers to save animals currently stranded by hurricanes.

We also need Congress to make sure animals are never abandoned in another disaster, by passing the Pets Evacuation and Transportation Standards Act (PETS Act, H.R. 3858).

Please sign today, and tell your friends about the Act.

Thank you


Anonymous Eyes Open said...

SEE what these Katrina animals are enduring - here :

(NOT spam - NO revenue generated by the aforementioned blog - just TRUTHFUL photos of the hardships these poor creatures are/ have been enduring + links to ACTIVE Katrina animal rescue groups - 8 WEEKS later and STILL rescuing !)

11:22 PM  

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