Feminist must oppose the spread of Sharia

IN Malaysia: Kuala Lumpur heard on BBC news:
New Islamic laws just passed covering all 13 colonies.Sharia is now operating in Malaysia. A women reporter wrote a column saying it was gender apartheid, doing to Malaysian women there worse than what South Africa did to blacks.. Now she is being persecuted.
Read: The Death of Feminism by P Chesler for more on gender apartheid.

Malaysia 'apartheid' row deepens
By Jonathan Kent BBC News, Kuala Lumpur

MALAYSIA: There has been an angry reaction in Malaysia to remarks by the daughter of the former PM comparing Muslim women to black South Africans under apartheid. Ms Mahathir says new laws make daily life worse for Muslim women

WAZIRISTAN: Tribal clerics announced the enforcement of Sharia (Islamic law) in South Waziristan on Friday, saying that feuds and tribal enmities would now be resolved through Islamic laws instead of the tribal jirga.

CANADA: Luna the male whale who loved humans tried to snuggle up to big boats he thought were his pod. He had no pod because the native Canadians refused to allow the scientists to return him to a pod in the sea. Luna was trapped in an inlet. He wanted companionship. The natives said they would protect him - he was their incarnated God. The natives also say clubbing baby seals is good for them

I hope Luna's death, sucked into a propeller by one of those big boats, teaches the natives to honor the actual and stated needs of animals for their own eco system rather than indulging themselves. Harming that which they pretend to admire by exploiting those animals, projecting on the animal their own needs.

OCEAN'S ECO-WATCH: Start checking out the water element by buying Mother Jones April 2006 Issue. It is the most rigorous report on the health of our oceans Fate of the Oceans, The Catch and Net Losses

And also on page 69, in the Mother Jones, read; "Sex Traders in the Family:The Village Roots of Human Trafficking" It is the intimate face of slavery in Cambodia. Articles such as this should be the basis of realistic resocialization strategies.


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