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Greenconsciousness is a proud member of the GEFA

Join the Global EcoFeminist Alliance GEFA - There is no Governing Board - no organization to join - just you and your friends and them and their friends. In the words of the animal liberation front, No Justice - Just Us.
Join the Global Eco Feminist Alliance GEFA - do this by making things. Make t-shirts - buttons - rants - posters - blogs - radio shows - links - petitions and e-mails.
Vote with your feet, work from your own friendship groups on your own issues in the way you do best.
Just help other women get control over their lives in whatever way you can.
Most of all do this by learning to love one another more than you like to criticize each other.
One Love.

Globally, Ecofeminists oppose gender/ racial/ religious /and class apartheid, oppose torture even in wars of liberation.
It is just us learning about the legal status of women in other cultures as well as the reality of their daily lives.

Ecofeminists Support Feminist Organizing for women, children, animal, and environmental rights globally and locally. An Attack on One Will Be Answered by ALL

The global EcoFeminist alliance consists of individuals standing up for feminists organizing everywhere when you have the opportunity.

Globally, Ecofeminists support the equal advancement of the rights, benefits , opportunities and freedom of the individual within secular, democratic social structures.

Generally ecofeminists expect government institutions to protect individual civil rights and equality of opportunity while also protecting citizens , animals and the environment from physical abuse, terrorism, exploitation. Secular government is expected to protect citizens from interference in the exercise of their individual rights, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

Globally, Ecofeminists support, as fundamental to human rights in civil society,
women's control over their reproduction,
women and children's autonomous physical security and
equal economic opportunity.

Locally we have to organize through petition to ask our govt to remove all legislation impeding the right to abortion in Wisconsin.
Globally Ecofeminists are against forced reproduction and view overproduction as a system problem emblematic of patriarchal social structures.

Globally, EcoFeminist view marriage as an economic contract sanctioned by the state.

Oppose benefits extending solely to those of marital status and propose that single people be treated equally to those married.

Feminist protest the unequal treatment of women within the family law of patriarchal states.

Ecofeminists support equal rights, benefits and responsibilities regardless of marital status for individuals and between contracting parties.

Ecofeminists oppose polygamy,

Globally and locally, feminist oppose the merger of religious dogma with state functions.

Globally feminist demand the separation of church and state. Globally, feminists oppose patriarchal theocracies.

Globally Ecofeminists support the use of foreign aid to increase the rights of women and children in patriarchal societies and to protect them from abuse within those societies.

We are feminists demanding our government create feminist foreign policy posts and policy wherein US women can securely assist women in other parts of the world free themselves from the slavery of patriarchy.
The Office of International Women's Issues at the US State Dept is both a success and a failure as the model of such an institution.
Senior Coordinator, International Women's Issues Charlotte (Charlie) Ponticelli:
Yes, there are are! Women throughout Afghanistan tell us almost every day that
jobs and economic opportunity are priority number one, and essential to
addressing their other concerns for peace and security. That is why women's
entrepreneurship is such a key part of our US-Afghan Women's Council (USAWC).
USAWC is a public-private partnership that links American businesses and
business leaders and NGO's with potential partners on the ground in Afghanistan.
If you go to our website and click on "U.S. Commitment to
Women" you will find fact sheets highlighting many of the programs that have
helped Afghan women start their own businesses, including a hand-knotted rug
enterprise called "Arzu" which means hope in Dari, a fabulous example linking
American business women with women in Afghanistan. Also Under Secretary for
Economic, Business, and Agricultural Affairs, Josette Shiner is working on an
initiative "businesses building bridges" which she and Under Secretary for
Democracy and Global Affairs, Paula Dobriansky discussed with a visiting afghan
delegation just this week. In so many ways, Afghan women entrepreneurs are
changing the landscape of Afghanistan!

We support the creation of regional women's education centers but realize most are yet to be built. Worse, US State IWI would not include transitional living compounds for abused and exploited women and children.

They say they are building 8 Regional women's centers in Afghanistan but the battered women are still being held in jails.

NH writes:I recently heard a story on National Public Radio, about how Afghan
women were being forced into arranged marriages. This one woman lost her husband
and married someone out of financial necessity.
Senior Coordinator,
International Women's Issues Charlotte (Charlie) Ponticelli:Afghan women are
currently making great strides in terms of attaining a new and stronger voice in
the reconstruction of their country. But it's true, they still have a lot of
challenges ahead. We are very concerned about the continuing problems of forced
and early marriages which will take time to overcome. We will continue to
spotlight these problems and to provide the women of Afghanistan with the tools
they tell us they need -- education, legal awareness, political and economic
skills, access to healthcare -- so that they are less vulnerable and more
empowered. Education is key, and we're happy to note that more than 5 million
Afghan children are now in school, and about 40 percent of them are girls and
young women

Our State Dept IWI has funded a woman operated Radio Station in the Kurds part of Iraq. See C-Span
Iraq Vignette of Women's Center in Erbil, Kurdish Region of Iraq (02/21/2006)

Sharia is spreading - UN Battered Women's Fund not being used to build shelters.

See blog posts directly below this one and in the archives on this site

Globally Ecofeminists see the connections between the way animals are treated and the health and safety of humans in the same eco-system. Ecofeminists expect the people's governments to protect the quality of our environment by humanly limiting population growth and environmental destruction.

Eco feminism for Animal Rights

The bird flu will become an epidemic because of factory farming , crowded abnormal conditions and the food and waste management. The pharmaceutical companies will benefit as they have from producing medical supplies for overcrowded animals. And the cycle will begin all over again. CWD in the deerherd is caused by farming wild animals for canned hunts and meat sales. Mad Cow comes from the filth of the beef agri-business. People will not acknowledge that factory farmed animal's living conditions are intolerable and uncivilized - and at the end, the trucks that transport them torture them and their deaths are cruel.

Animals are not respected - and this results in human illnesses.

Human growth has been affected by additives and chemical food production that starts in what is fed to farmed animals. To eliminate cruelty and suffering, to create freedom of choice and much opportunity for the individuals that share an eco system, globally and locally Ecofeminists seek interspecies cooperation instead of exploitive relationships.

Ecofeminists are non partisan. We do not ask what political party has proposed it; ecofeminist ask only, is it good for women, children animals, the ecosystem?

We Remember that strength lies in numbers. To win, we must unite as one whole unit. Keeping factions of people all fighting among themselves only aggravates the overriding problems.

The key is to accept each other's differences and work together on the larger issues that affect us all. We will work with Republicans and Democrats and all types of people regardless of their primary affiliations as their actions help to free the oppressed.

We will attempt to use political avenues to further our objectives as we work with other groups to meet our issue goals.

One Love


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Anonymous said...
9digits said...
Thanks for this helpful, informative post. I'm currently researching eco-feminism, and its affiliates. I'm currently undergrad right now but I hope to persue graduate work (maybe in Women's studies).
When you speak of helping liberate women (in Iraq) of slavery (I'm assuming you're talking about the domination of men through the religion of Islam), how do you know that all those women "want" to be "free" or, create a "democratic" society? Are there any who want to continue and are content in their life? Are you fighting for free choice or free choice preferrably that those women choose democracy and "freedom" from their currently roles as Islamic wives? Do you have any suggested resources for this particular topic?
Thanks so much for your time!!

4:08 PM

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Blogger greenconsciousness said...

Hi aspiring girl

I was worried about you leaving your email here with all the spam drones that are constantly crawling on my site looking for email addresses to sell to their spammers so I deleted it and reposted without the email address but screwed it up several times as you can see --- the answer to your question is that until women are provided with security, we do not know. Where there is no choice you cannot know who will choose. Over to your right, you can click on Women Against Fundamentalism to see the women in Iran who choose freedom. They are hanging them. I suggest you buy the book The Death of Feminism referenced in the main post. She list the women who are organizing for freedom in the Middle East. Also I think I posted a link to defeating the woman haters - go to that woman's site she has a list serve of women helping women in the middle east.

I am doing a radio show, tomorrow, Monday night, April 3 on WORT-FM at 7:30 pm. I will have women talking about the right to control our reproduction. There will be Annie Lauri Gaylor from the Women's Medical Fund and the first woman chief of the Oglala Sioux in South Dakota who vow to put an abortion clinic on the reservation if the state outlaws abortion. The radio show can be heard in Madison and surrounding communities - I will go get the numbers off their website.

6:05 PM  
Blogger greenconsciousness said...

WORT 89.9 FM

You know, I started the first battered women's shelter in Wisconsin with another woman, the second one in the US and all the time we were working to establish it society was telling us that there were no battered women - that women liked to be beaten by their husband - I think that was 1973-74, I forget now. But I remember how hard it was.

And as soon as they were built, the shelters were full.

So I say, make it safe to choose and the women will choose freedom and self sufficiency. The ones who do not want it can stay slaves. I stand for the women who are suffering under patriarchy.

6:18 PM  
Blogger Joanna Martens said...

Thank you for your prompt reply! Also, thank you for thinking about my email privacy, it didn't occur to me that spam would be an issue!!
I will definetely check out those resources, I am eager to know all I can about this issue and others. I noticed on your profile you are active in law- I am currently researching UNICEF and its program. I know they are seeking lawyers to do pro-bono work for the women/child refugees here in the states...have you ever heard of that and would you consider that topic under ecofeminism/women's issues?
I currently live in the Los Angeles (CA) area while I'm in school. I don't know if I can get that radio station here, but if there is a transcript available online, I would like to read it/or hear it. Feel free to send me an email if you prefer.
Thanks again!
JoAnna Martens
Vanguard University (Costa Mesa, CA)

6:19 PM  
Blogger greenconsciousness said...

My law license was suspended for 60 days because I could not defend my self properly when being terrorized by the man next door who killed by 5 month old kittens because I would not have sex with him.He got an injunction saying I could not go in his yard to get my animals and then he lured them over there. I actually caught him lifting the bottom of the fence to get at them. Then his cop friend beat me up. And of course charged me with resisting. It is all on one page - to your left on the higher consciousness page (the cats story) but it is not the whole story - I just got tired of talking about it.

Anyway I could not defend myself against clients, the neighbor, his cop friends, the legal system, and the BAR. I got post traumatic shock disorder and gave up. Now I am very angry with the legal system which I think is crap over rot. They want me to pay them to get my license back. If they find anything wrong no matter if 3/4th of what they charge you with is dismissed, you are required to pay for the entire costs of the persecution. I will never pay them a dime and therefore will never practice law again. That is OK because I only became a lawyer to help children and animals and found that impossible to do in this corrupt legal system.

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Blogger greenconsciousness said...

Actually the show on WORT starts at 7pm not 7:30

8:39 AM  

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