Send your love to Afghanistan while it is possible to do so

Our military in Afghanistan has set up a program whereby US citizens can directly help the children and village people. It is called Volunteer Community Relations Program. The way things are going now those who support the Brotherhood here in the US will soon force a withdrawal from the Middle East, so if you want to help the people, donate to the VCR program now. The troops take the stuff they get in their own care packages to give to these people but there is an address where you and I can supplement their donations.

They say they have more than enough clothes and shoes but really need toys and school supplies. Things like notebooks, pencils, erasers, pencil sharpeners, crayons, construction paper, paints and brushes(watercolors) magic markers, ball point pens and glue and scotch tape. The children like balls, stuffed animals and dolls.

You don't have to send everything - one will send the crayons and another will send the paper. Just do something - quick - before the elections.
Send to:
CFC-A, Pool House
APO AE 09356

Thank You


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