Act Before Your Right to Act is Lost

On Oct 3rd, 2006, I wrote about the domestic terrorism bill which labels animal rights activists terrorists and criminalize protests against the exploitation of animals by big business click here

WI 's 2 senators voted for it as they work for big business.

Now Farm Sanctuary is trying to organize a protest before it becomes law.
click here

The misleadingly-named “Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act,” HR
and S 3880 (formerly S 1926), seeks to clamp down on animal rights
activities by using a broad brush to paint activists as “terrorists” simply
because they oppose institutionalized animal cruelty. Sponsored by
Representative Thomas Petri (R, WI) and
Senator James Inhofe (R-OK), HR 4239

S 3880 will create federal penalties for certain protest activities that are directed against “a commercial or academic enterprise that uses or sells animals or animal products for profit, food or fiber production, agriculture, research, or testing.”

The bill is worrisome to law-abiding activists because several
components of the bill, such as its prohibition on “disrupting an animal enterprise” may be interpreted to apply to legitimate protest, civil disobedience and investigative activities that are crucial tools to stopping animal cruelty.

Additionally, HR 4239 and S 3880 has been criticized by some
members of Congress because it creates federal penalties for activities that may already be prosecuted under state laws, and because it threatens to strip activists of certain protected First Amendment privileges.

I suggest you go to their site and work to stop this bill while you still have the freedom to do so.

The government passed a lot of laws to restrict and violate our civil rights in the name of fighting terrorism. Of course we knew it was only a matter of time before they turned them against protesters. The government understands that the greatest threat to corporate America is the animal rights movement. We are the first movement they want to use their new fascism tools against. It ought to give the boys of the left who constantly ridicule the movement something to think about.


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Women's Rights is bad for men.
What have men gained from women's rights? Marital rape laws, domestic violence
laws, marraige age restrictions, women divorcing men, women aborting and
murdering our children, women killing their husbands and getting little (if any)
jail time.

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Please Repeal the 19th ammendment (women's vote) and fight feminism around the
globe: we must fight for we are losing.

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