The First Sexist Presidential Campaign

FOX, who has been denying Barack Hussein Obama's Muslim background - attempting to make it politically incorrect to speak about it, finally admitted today that Obama has a Muslim father, a Muslim grandmother and attended Madrases in Indonesia when he was a child.

Obama and the media are offended when anyone looks at these facts publicly. Why are they relevant? Because Muslims believe it is moral to lie to infidels and that they should create Sharia states by any means necessary.

Obama's relationship to Islam is as relevant as Huckabee's to Christian fundamentalism or Romney's to Mormonism. Women need to decide if these men threaten our civil rights.

In light of Obama's ferocious anti-war stance, Obama's Muslim ties should definitely be explored. Especially by women who have the most to lose by the importing of Islamic Fascism into the US. European countries have been terribly affected by the swelling of the Muslim populations in their countries. Special domestic violence shelters and witness protection programs were needed and created.

It is absolutely imperative we do not allow the left to guilt trip us into silence when Muslims seek positions of power within the US. Yes, I know Obama converted when he began his political career but if your religion tells you to lie, his conversion is small comfort to women.

It is critical for women to learn the following about Obama: How many wives his father had in different countries (Muslims usually have one wife in their birth country and another where they reside), how his mother was treated in his family, where are his step brothers and sisters or his full siblings and how do they live, and what kind of relationship does his present church have with the Jewish faith. Is it true his pastor was a famous anti-Semitic until Obama began his presidential campaign?

All this is AS relevant as the fundamentalist religions of Hunkabee and Romney. What is the difference in the danger they pose to secular society? None. The left has shut women up for so long, all of us are afraid to speak regardless of the threat of Islam to our rights. We know we will be called prejudiced regardless of the obvious threat of Islam to free women.

The media refuses to investigate and report the facts honestly. Until this morning FOX denied the facts of Obama's childhood and ancestry.
And the right is so afraid of a woman president, they have joined with the left to prevent the US public, half of whom have relatives fighting a real war with Islamic Fascism, from questioning Obama, Islam's biggest champion in the US.

Why should Kerry have to apologize for mentioning it? If the media were not trying to throw the election, they would be reporting it.

After all, the media endlessly reports on Hillary's past, demand all her papers be released, comment on her "coldness", tell us people don't like her and harp on wildly inappropriate personal aspects of her life such as her laugh, her clothes, her age and her face (does she look too old to be president). Even though she is ahead in the polls they interrupt the polls in ways that allow them to paint her as losing ground. The media, without any details, report her campaign is tearing apart its' staff. They paint her husband as a liability or over protective. They say she should prove her experience but never ask Obama what he has accomplished in his career.

Yet Obama doesn't even show up for the votes he thinks might hurt him politically. Later he tells us how he would have voted if he had been there. Does the media point out any of this about Obama? No, they cover Oprah's speech. When Bill and Hillary appear together, the media without fail opine that the crowd relates to Bill more warmly than Hillary. But Obama's speech stunk beside Oprah's and nary an observation was made about the difference in style and attraction.

I think Obama is a wolf in sheep's clothing. I think the media and those who own it, bought him the sheepskin cover. He will be much easier to defeat than Hillary and if he does win, much easier to corrupt by the corporate brotherhood because of his inexperience with the pressures of the presidency.

Women must wake up to this manipulation. Fight back. Point out this sexist coverage of the candidates. My suspicions may be groundless but i think the religious beliefs of the republicans will affect my civil rights if they become president and I think Obama's reek of Islam . How he has been influenced by Islam may or may not adversely affect gender equity in this country. What I do know is that the issue absolutely deserves scrutiny. The personal IS political. The male dominated media is sexist in ignoring this issue which is important to woman.

Has anyone ever heard Obama condemn the treatment of women by Islam? In his foreign policy, will the slavery of women in the middle east determine his approach? All we hear is how he wants to make friends with the patriarchs. I don't want to be friends with those who hold my gender in slavery. Why is he never questioned as he shouts about how he will end the war and take away the troops guarding the domestic violence shelters the US built?

From Wikipedia and there is more about how Obama worshipped his father (he had 2 Muslim fathers, the first being his biological)
"The book tells the story of Senator Obama's life. He was born in Honolulu, Hawaii, to Harvard
-educated economist Barack Hussein Obama, Sr., of Kenya, and Ann Dunham of Wichita, Kansas. At
the time of Obama's birth, both his parents were students at the East-West Center of the University of
Hawaii at Manoa
. Obama's parents separated when he was two years old and
later divorced. In the absence of his father, Obama formed an image of his
father from stories told by his mother and grandparents. His father, although
brought up in a Muslim environment, was an atheist.
Ann Obama then married
Lolo Soetoro, a Muslim East-West Center student from Indonesia. The family moved to Jakarta. When
Obama was ten he returned to Hawaii under the care of his grandparents, and
later his mother, for the better educational opportunities available in


Anonymous Marge said...

Why is it okay to bash Muslims? Islam has some crazies, but so does every religion, including Christianity. Most Muslims are not extremist fundamentalists. Most Muslims to not literally adhere to all Islamic dogma, just like most Christians don’t follow every rule in the bible.

3:32 PM  
Blogger greenconsciousness said...

Islam is NOT just a religion - it is a political and legal system as well. It is the living example of fascism - look up the word. They have religious police and a legal system called Sharia. Sharia governs every aspect of a person's life and eliminates all choice. Now with other religions if that becomes too oppressive, the individual just leaves. But Muslims kill their children and wives if they try to leave. Not just in Muslim countries - in countries they immigrate to as well. There was just an honor killing of as 16 year old by her father in Canada.

Under Sharia women are held as property. When women are raped they are blamed. Honor killings are excused in some Muslim countries and excused in others. Google Honor killings.

Muslim women are slaves -property. They are viewed as inferior to men. On my Blog's green column there is a woman in full slave covering -click on her picture. The picture is next to the words "Women Against Fundamentalism in Iran". See how Sharia is practiced in Iran - sign up for the newsletter.

Sharia is practiced differently in every Muslim country but women are always treated as inferior to men and subject to discipline by their male relatives with death as the penalty for disobedience. Infidels are also punished with death. People who write anything critical about Islam get death sentences.

Look what happened when a newspaper tried to print a cartoon that Muslims found offensive. It is the duty of every Muslim to subdue the infidel by any means necessary.

Yes there are moderate Muslims and those who do not practice the faith in oppressive ways but they are threatened also. Read "The Death of Feminism" by Phyllis Chesler. Educate yourself. Islam is not just another religion.

Now Muslims lie about this but the dead bodies of women, the burned and battered bodies of women are my evidence. They make it seem so nice and clean but picture yourself in their cozy little picture. Muslim women don't like it any more than you would, except for those who have accepted the oppressors view of women as inferior.

Read the Death of Feminism - go to Cheslers Chronicles (her blog) the latest entry is about a new honor killing. Women have a right to defend them self by rejecting and exposing Islamic Fascism.

5:46 PM  
Blogger greenconsciousness said...

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6:37 PM  
Blogger greenconsciousness said...

Chesler's last post is a much more intellectual exam of the treatment of Muslim women - please go read her last post and the second last as well. Here:

6:40 PM  
Blogger angryyoungwoman said...

First, I studied Islam in college, and you really need to learn more about it (facts, not propoganda)before you try to give everyone else a lesson on what the Muslims believe.

Second, since when has Fox News been letting Barack Obama off the hook for his Muslim roots. They (and a lot of other news media sources) bring it up on a regular basis. If you really are a feminist and a liberal, you won't be going to Fox for your political advice.

3:08 AM  
Blogger greenconsciousness said...


Did you study Islam or propaganda in college? I started the first battered woman's shelter in WI and have worked with middle east woman since I read about genital mutilation in 1972.

You go to Chesler's Chronicles and read the list of women in the western immigrant community who are fighting for their lives. Read Ayaan Hersi Ali's "Infidel". Read the many books written by the burned and battered woman of Islam. Read Chesler's "Death of Feminism" about her experiences when she married a Afghanistan male and lived in a polygamous household in Afghanistan. The book explains how multi culturalism and political correctness have created a dangerous fantasy land on campus which is contributing to the deaths of women fleeing the submission demanded by Islam.

7:40 AM  
Blogger greenconsciousness said...

and by the way, I don't get my news from Fox, I get my news from the women's underground but I watch FOX and all the other channels to know what mass culture is getting. CNN and MSNBC are no different except that MSNBC distorts news to the left as Fox does to the right.

7:56 AM  
Blogger greenconsciousness said...

Stop Honor Killings

8:25 AM  
Blogger greenconsciousness said...

Thousands of Iranian women have been cautioned over their poor Islamic dress this week and several hundred arrested in the capital Tehran in the most fierce crackdown on what's known as "bad hijab" for more than a decade.
It is the talk of the town. The latest police crackdown on Islamic dress has angered many Iranians - male, female, young and old.

But Iranian TV has reported that an opinion poll conducted in Tehran found 86% of people were in favour of the crackdown - a statistic that is surprising given the strength of feeling against this move.

Police cars are stationed outside major shopping centres in Tehran.

They are stopping pedestrians and even cars - warning female drivers not to show any hair - and impounding the vehicles and arresting the women if they argue back.

Middle-aged women, foreign tourists and journalists have all been harassed, not just the young and fashionably dressed.

Individual choice

Overnight the standard of what is acceptable dress has slipped back.

I want the whole world to know that they oppress us and all we can do is put up with it

Tofiq, 15

Hard-won freedoms - like the right to wear a colourful headscarf - have been snatched away.

It may sound trivial but Iranian women have found ways of expressing their individuality and returning to drab colours like black, grey and dark blue is not something they will accept easily.

"If we want to do something we will do it anyway, all this is total nonsense," says a young girl, heavily made up and dressed up.

She believes Islamic dress should be something personal - whether you're swathed in a black chador or dressed in what she calls "more normal clothes".

Interestingly many women who choose to wear the all enveloping chador agree - saying it's a personal choice and shouldn't be forced on people.

"This year is much worse than before because the newspapers and the TV have given the issue a lot of coverage compared to last year; it wasn't this bad before," says Shabnam who's out shopping with her friend.

Permission denied

At the start of every summer the police say they will enforce the Islamic dress code, but this year has been unusually harsh.

Thousands of women have been cautioned by police over their dress, some have been obliged to sign statements that they will do better in the future, and some face court cases against them.

Even shop mannequins considered "too revealing" are dealt with

Though the authorities want coverage internally to scare women - they don't want the story broadcast abroad.

The BBC's cameraman was detained when he tried to film the police at work and the government denied us permission to go on patrol with the police.

"Really we don't have any security," complains Shabam's friend Leyla.

"Since we came out this morning many people we met have continuously warned us to be careful about our headscarves and to wear them further forward because they are arresting women who are dressed like this," she says.

Boutique owners are furious. Some shops have been sealed - others warned not to sell tight revealing clothing.

One shopkeeper selling evening dresses told us the moral police had ordered him to saw off the breasts of his mannequins because they were too revealing.

He said he wasn't the only shop to receive this strange instruction.


There's even been less traffic on the streets because some women are not venturing out - fearful they will be harassed.

And it's not even safe in a car. Taxi agencies have received a circular warning them not to carry a "bad hijabi".

"They have said we shouldn't carry passengers who wear bad Islamic dress and if we do we have to warn them to respect the Islamic dress code even inside the car," said one taxi driver.

And it's not just women who are being targeted this year.

Young men are being cautioned for wearing short sleeved shirts or for their hairstyles.

Morad - a hairdresser whose gelled hair is made to stand straight up - says it's necessary for him to look like this to attract customers.

"These last few days I don't dare walk down the main roads looking like this case I get arrested," he says.

"I use the side streets and alleys."

Morad is scared because his friends have told him they've seen the police seize young men and forcibly cut their hair if it's too long.

Fifteen-year-old Tofiq who'd also gelled his hair to stand on end said he too was afraid but he wasn't going to change.

"I want the whole world to know that they oppress us and all we can do is put up with it," he said.

Some parents have complained that harassing the young over their clothing will only push them to leave the country.

But one MP has said those Iranians who cannot cope with Islamic laws should leave.

Some commentators have suggested that the government is conducting this crackdown to distract attention from the rising cost of living in Iran and increasing tension with the international community over the nuclear issue.

If so, it's a strategy that risks alienating people who've got used to years of relative social freedom and do not want to return to the early days of the revolution when dress rules were much more tightly enforced.

9:41 AM  
Blogger greenconsciousness said...

Quran, 4:34 Says:

"Men are the maintainers of women because Allah has made some of them to excel others and because they spend out of their property; the good women are therefore obedient, guarding the unseen as Allah has guarded; and (as to) those on whose part you fear desertion, admonish them, and leave them alone in their sleeping places and beat them; then if they obey you, do not seek a way against them; surely Allah is High, Great."

9:47 AM  
Blogger angryyoungwoman said...

NO, dear Green, I didn't study propoganda. I took classes with textbooks about Islam. I studied Islam just like I studied English or math or biology. I don't think those were propoganda courses, either. Sure, there are problems with the governments in some Islamic countries, but certainly not all of them. Sharia law is NOT practices throughout the Islamic world, as you seem to suggest. Radical Islam is problematic (as are the radical elements of any religion/culture), but mainstream Islam isn't. In fact, countries that have high mainstream Islamic populations have been more liberal than the US--they've had female presidents, large numbers of working women in high-power jobs, etc. It's only when radical elements take over that these things change.

5:29 PM  
Blogger greenconsciousness said...

There is no country with a Muslim majority where women are not oppressed. You can google "women and_________ " name any Muslim majority country.

There you will find the women who risk their lives to tell you the truth. You were taught propaganda = the only teachers who are hired are apologists both in middle east studies and in women studies. On Chelser's blog you will find the testimony of middle east teachers at major US universities who write how afraid they are to tell the truth. Because of women like you. I told you about the Death of Feminism and gave you websites. I told you to read Infidel. Now I tell you about the Price of Honor by Jan Goodwin, My Forbidden Face by Latifa and The Hidden Face of Eve by Nawal El Saadawi. There is much much more but if women were your priority you would find them yourself. I think women are not your priority so I will stop responding.

6:34 PM  
Anonymous Crys T said...

"There is no country with a Muslim majority where women are not oppressed."

Yeeaahhhhhhhh, and there are no countries with Christian majorities where women are not oppressed. You know why? Because there are NO countries AT ALL where women are not oppressed, and why you seem to assume that women are necessarily worse off in Muslim-dominant nations than they are absolutely anywhere else is beyond me.

You are every bit as unhinged on the topic of Islam as any ultra-Right fundie whackjob.

5:16 PM  
Blogger greenconsciousness said...


And you are as stupid as any PC left wing misogynist.

5:41 PM  

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