Honor Killings Accepted in the US

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Here is a sample from her last post on the two Muslim girls killed in Texas by their father. The media complicit in their death is urging everyone not to call it an honor killing.

"Bill Warner tells me "This guy is gone....Yaser Abdel Said left the bodies of his two daughters right near the Dallas Fort Worth airport, miles from their home, he drove the
girls in his cab to the killing spot and appears to have disappeared."

About 7:30 p.m. Tuesday, Irving police received a 911 call from a girl whose only statement was that she "was dying," according to a police report. The line remained open and sounds could be heard, but investigators were unable to pinpoint a location from the caller. (More here.)

Jihad in America

There is no vehicle of Yaser Abdel Said being sought in any of the news stories or from the Irving Police Dept., no vehicle BOLO, he isn't walking, but his last known location was near the Dallas Fort Worth airport.There should be
an international manhunt of enormous proportion to apprehend this jihadi. JUSTICE and send a
message that the West will not tolerate Islamic "honor" killings.
This guy is in the Middle East where they reward the murder of their girls. Robert Spencer over at Jihadwatch explains how this is part of Islamic culture hat tip yidwithlid

Over the next few days, as more details emerge about the murders of Amina and Sarah Said, we will see Islamic spokesmen on TV (Ibrahim Hooper is probably sitting for make-up as you read this) explaining that honor killing is a cultural practice that has nothing to do with Islam, and of course above all the one thing we must avoid doing in the
aftermath of these murders is entertain for even a moment the possibility that Islamic attitudes and atmospherics had anything to do with the deaths of these girls. And Alan Colmes will nod sagely and agree that Islamophobia is a terrible
problem, and Sean Hannity will burble about the "hijacking of a great religion," and Glenn Beck will assure us that the Qur'an teaches nonviolence, and a splendid time is guaranteed for all. No one will dream of holding the American Muslim community accountable for aiding and abetting the creation of a culture of violence against women. Oh no. That would be "Islamophobic."

And so an intriguing Yemen Times piece comes particularly ill-timed for Hooper and other Islamic spokesmen in the West, who spill large amounts of ink assuring us that oh no, no Muslim takes Qur'an 4:34, the Muslim holy book's notorious verse commanding the beating of disobedient women, at face value. Oh no. No Muslim actually beats his wife, or if he does, he does it only with a toothbrush, and anyway, well, wife-beating is cross-cultural, isn't it? It isn't as if no American wife has ever been beaten.

And certainly that's true:
wife-beating is cross-cultural, but that doesn't prove a thing, and bringing it up only ensures that the Islamic community in America will, in the wake of the murders of Amina and
Sarah Said, once again be absolved of all responsibility, and exempted from all accountability -- because after all, everyone does it, don't they?

Anyway, in the Yemen Times the other day, Maged Thabet Al-Kholidy doesn't say anything about toothbrushes, or everyone doing it, or anything at all except that women should be beaten when disobedient, because the Qur'an says so.

This is the culture that killed Amina and Sarah Said. This is the culture that killed Aqsa Parvez. This is the culture whose leaders persist in denial, obfuscation, and finger-pointing
instead of honest dealing with the problem. "

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Last week, I was the first blog to write about and call the murder of two girls, Sarah and Amina Said, by their father, Yaser Abdel Said, an honor killing. I also correctly guessed that it was likely about their infidel dating habits.

Last night, their aunt, Gail Gartrell, wrote me this e-mail. She concurs with what I wrote. Also, for those who read press accounts of the words of their brother, Islam Said, who says this is not about Islam, read what she says about him and how he lured the girls back to their Muslim father and their deaths. Sounds like he may have been in on it.

This is truly tragic. Do we want more of this? Keep issuing more visas and citizenships to Muslims and we will get more of it.:

From: Gail Gartrell
Date: Jan 6, 2008 7:30 PM

Subject: Pertaining to the Said Family


I am an aunt to these two beautiful girls! I am from the mother's side. YES! This was an honor killing! You nailed it sweety! My sister tried to get those baby's away years ago and you know...she was never allowed to see them again...well, they were brought to the hospital...only after she was comatose!
My sister was punished for trying to tell the world what was going on! She died four years ago! But, these girls had no honor in life and no honor in death! Amina and Sarah both, told their mom if their dad killed them...they DID NOT WANT A MUSLIM funeral! Well, they had one anyway! Yeah, there was a "baptist" funeral before the muslim funeral....PLEASE, get out the word it was a farce!


Anonymous ERS said...

In the days preceding the dishonor killings of the beautiful Said sisters in suburban Dallas, there was another dishonor killing in suburban Chicago that killed a family of three and a fetus.

These crimes have most certainly come to America, but I do not think it's accurate or fair to say they are accepted. The killers will be punished to the fullest extent of the law.

Ellen R. Sheeley, Author
"Reclaiming Honor in Jordan"

4:25 PM  
Blogger greenconsciousness said...

Dear Ms Sheeley:

But it was already accepted - the girls complaints of sexual abuse were tolerated - the welts on their faces were tolerated = the braces kicked into her teeth were tolerated - the girls said their father would kill them and no one helped- their mother had to return to him for some reason the system did not response with enough to help at least the girls escape ---everything was tolerated - he did not lose his passport - there is no international man hunt --
I do not know about the other honor killing you noted - will you please leave a link here or on Chesler's blog?

This below is what I wrote about it on Cheslers blog:

I am thinking of the rape and murder of women and girls becoming once again an acceptable epidemic in this country. The latest being the 20 year old pregnant marine, raped by her superior, who made a rape complaint and was betrayed by the Marine Corps, her fellow soldiers, her adopted mother, the local police and left to the vengeance of her rapist.

I am thinking of all the disappeared women killed by police officer husbands, their complaints ignored by the husband's friends on the force.

I am thinking of the women in Family Court trying to escape abuse.

As women are silenced now, censored for naming the degrading practices of Islam, the rights we have won after long struggles are being rolled back.

We are unsafe when we try to oppose patriarchal force in this county. No woman will find shelter when the courts force her to turn her children over to an abuser as she tries to divorce him. No shelter will have the courage to hide her in the face of a court order demanding she return to honor the abuser's right to his children.

I saw women forced tom produce the children of batterers from shelters where they had fled for protection.

How can we think we can protect Muslim women when we cannot protect any woman as our shelters have become ineffective.

Women are betrayed first by "feminist" organizations who adopt doublespeak and denial, techniques written about by Mary Daley in "Gynecology" and Phyllis Chesler in 'Woman's Inhumanity to Women" and "Death of Feminism".

Do you know that Gender Equity at the University now means trans-sexual rights? Women's discrimination funds have been diverted to men who want to be accepted as the worst stereotype of women at the expense of all the other women's issues, such as the lack of representation, the sexualization of children and violence against women.

When I say lack of representation, I mean the absence of our voice and our reality in curriculum and text. For instance, if women judged which society or social order was best for women, would we choose Hamas or Hezbollah over the political system in Israel?

Why is MS afraid to make that comparison? (MS refused to run an ad with the pictures of Israeli women in high office)

Why is that analysis absent in women's studies or political science courses?

That is what I mean when I say OUR voice has been silenced.

When we who made domestic violence a political issue are silenced, the teachers find it easy to ignore the welts on the faces of the crazy man's girls, and the social workers find the complaints "unfounded".

Silenced from defining middle east patriarchy, silenced in foreign policy, silenced in immigration policy and silenced therefore in our own political and personal life in the US. What comes around goes around. My hands are empty.

Phyllis Chesler - keep writing - your voice is our sword and a shield against the darkness. I fear, like the great tribes, we feminists are ghost dancing on the eve of extinction.

Like some wave will women recede back into the traditional roles? What woman will stay in the Marine Corps? Where are the women electricians, plumbers and carpenters? Where are the female auto mechanics? Who will enter male dominated fields when there is no protection from male violence and retaliation? When women learn within the family that there is no protection, what will become of us all?

Will we lose this battle with the police and child protective agencies to effectively prevent and prosecute domestic violence? Is our refusal to protect middle eastern women and children even when they are in the U.S. foreshadowing the loss of our ability to protect any of us?

At least we will not disappear without our great writers documenting how it happened for women to read and understand. To leave a record in the face of overwhelming power is something important. Write on, Phyllis.

4:51 PM  

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