Pedophiles have their own TV Show

It is on basic cable TV channel CMT:
"Little Beauties: the Ultimate Beauty Queen Showdown"
Wednesday night.

It may be a series or just a one time horror - I am not sure.

This is a measure of how acceptable the fashion industry's sexualization of children is now in mass culture, selling the look of pre-teens, girls and boys. The older model reality shows reveal the grim truth behind the outer glitz of the fashion industry which is only one step up from the stripper pole and the street corner.

"Little Beauties", features semi-nude little girls 5 to 9 years old - in pasties and thongs - big hearts on the crotch area - shows mothers teaching their daughters to act sexually provocatively. Dressing them provocatively, troweling on the make-up -spraying big hair - body paint- strutting them in front of role playing males - teaching them to role play the woman as sexy little doll role - to look the way men want their sexual partners to look. Saying things to them like "it is going to be a national holiday when she gets boobs". At the swim wear event. "With so many sizzling bods around, our girls suit up". Saying, Show me your chest to a 6 year old mincing down the catwalk. Brutalizing them when they lose but pretending to be sweet about it.

These are sick, sick, pimp parents, probably sexually exploited as children. Saying, I hate your hair I don't know what I am going to do -- saying bluntly, the reality is that we are all judged on our appearance.

So these old and unattractive women try to role play being desirable through their children. They sell their children. This is what happened to Brittany Spears.

But it is an even sicker society that allows these babies to be exploited by their parents and the pedophile pageant industry and now blatantly, on TV, for the entertainment of an even sicker audience.


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