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The Reclusive Leftist

I, who am a dried up angry embittered angry cynical paranoid angry hag, burst out laughing out loud, over and over and over as I read the Reclusive Leftist. She is anti war and I am not, which is usually the Great Divide but not here. She cares about women even if she doesn't get what it will take to create room for women under Sharia to breath. (it will take a lot of killing).

But what's more important is that she has an excellent BS meter. She sees it all and writes with the words that show the absurdity. I too am reclusive and the warm laughter of recognition brought sunshine into these dark and heavy rooms.

Here is a sample of her work when she gets serious ---but you should read the eight, side splitting, paragraphs that come before this:

"Meanwhile, Hillary did great in Michigan, though you’d never know it from the coverage. This is a perfect example of how the media creates the news rather than reports it.

Going in it was understood that if Hillary actually lost against Uncommitted it would be a huge embarrassment; the expected scenario was for her to win by a somewhat larger margin than in New Hampshire but with there still being a significant Uncommitted vote by Obama and Edwards supporters.

And that’s what happened, except that Hillary’s margin was actually fantastic. I think she came in at about 56%, which is great.

Nevertheless, the media is determined to stick to the down-with-Hillary script. African-American voters preferred Uncommitted (which means Obama) two-to-one over Hillary, and the youthful demographic still went for Uncommitted (mostly Obama).

Well, why not? Hardly surprising. The primary season has just gotten started, and it’s a fight. The nominee will almost certainly be either Clinton or Obama, and neither candidate’s supporters is giving up anything yet. Even Edwards’ supporters are still kind of hanging on, though I think he’s done.

But the media is spinning Michigan like it’s the end for ol’ Hills. The headline in the Washington post is, I shit you not: 44 Percent Vote Against Hillary. It’s infuckingcredible. The woman didn’t even campaign in Michigan,......................................"

She has a nice list of feminist blogs on the side column.
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