October 9, 2007 : 11:01 AM
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"We have been on a mission to save the Mute Swans across the state of Wisconsin, especially in the Waterford (Fox River / Tichigan) area, since we discovered the DNR is shooting them and destroying their eggs with bleach.

I have done some research and can honestly report that they do not destroy the vegetation, they do not scare the geese away, they do not attack people—they mate for life and care for their young and are truly a beautiful asset to Waterford. Visitors come to enjoy wildlife and nature – they do not want to see DNR officers slaughtering these beautiful birds! The United States, Mexico and Canada signed a Migratory Bird Treaty to protect all migratory birds; lethal control, as the DNR calls it, is immoral and unethical.

The DNR’S propaganda implies that the Trumpet Swan should be re-introduced here in the state. However, there is enough water and coastline to accommodate both species. Our Mute Swans are insectivores; they can also be beneficial in bays and rivers, by eliminating weeds the DNR has poisoned in the past—poison that destroyed our fish in certain areas.

So if you will help us by writing to the Governor, the senators, the representatives here in Wisconsin, also to Mr Kurt Thiede; his address is Conservation Congress Liaison, Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources, 101 S Webster Street, PO BOX 7921, Madison, WI 53707-7921.
His phone # 608-266-0580; his fax 608-266-6983.

Since the DNR has turned a deaf ear to the people’s referendum in April, the next step is to flood the governor’s office with letters, calls, and emails asking for a permanent moratorium. The swans have done nothing to deserve death, except grace our lakes and rivers with their beauty!

Please help. 608-266-5400 202-224-5323 608-266-9171, fax 608-282-3663 608-266-3363 414-297-4451
-- web site: Governor Jim Doyle, 608-266-1212 Conservation Congress Liaison, 608-266-0580 Humane Society of the United States, M. Markarian "

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"The DNR will have a meeting on December 7, 2007 , at Stevens Point, Wisconsin., regarding migratory birds. We are trying to find an environmental, (pro bono) lawyer in Racine or Milwaukee County. Wondered if there are any groups interested in saving the Mutes. It seems the DNR will continue to push for the Trumpet swans, then allow hunters to buy licenses to shoot them."


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Racine County Board will vote this month on a proposed referendum we have initiated. We want to protect the remaining mute swans since the DNR has continued with their "kill all free flying mute swans in Wisconsin" policy. This Spring they oiled the eggs and the young were suffocated. This is cruel and inhumane treatment! We still need your help!

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Blogger Greenconsciousness said...

Write a comment on who to call and write - need name - addresses and phone numbers -- need a summary of the proposed referendum,

I know people in Racine I can e-mail if you leave a form ltr

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