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The comment below was posted on TENNESSEE GUERILLA WOMEN 's website.
The conversation went from MSNBC to Obama and one women wrote this fascinating comment below. Reading it, I wondered why we had not thought of looking at what BO produced before?

Why didn't we take pictures of his district and ask the question: "While Obama was eating Arugula and shopping at Whole Foods what did he do to provide for the people he represented ?"

Because that is a good indication of what he will do for us.

I am sure the republicans will produce this ad - a camera films while driving through the neighborhoods described below while a voice-over says, "No whole food markets here, in fact no grocery stores at all".

The Hillary democrats did not do it because of course we would be called racist by the Bobots and the democrats are afraid of that, whether it is true or not.

"Racist" in the democratic party has come to mean anything which focuses on black people or white people and speaks honestly about them, the realities of their life and the relationships between them. Political Demographics, if mentioned by the Clintons is proof of their "racism" according to the fast talking AA law professors on MSNBC. The "inference" we are told, the appeal to white racism, is there.

It would be good if we could get the idiot race police off our backs so we could speak our truths without fear. The race police bully us into making choices that are against our best interests.

Racism has also come to mean any criticism of Obama by Clinton supporters.

This is also called "hurting the democratic party" and "hurting the nominee's chances to be elected" and the ever fruitful " working to defeat BO so Hill can run in 2012". These myths can and will serve to blame Clinton for the loss of the election if the Precious One blows it. Maybe the party leaders can find a way to pin Kerry's and Gore's losses on her as well.

Because the continual losses to repubs could not possibly be because of the stupidity of our party's leaders and million dollar consultants, - could it?

This is the comment I read on TGW.

Are you talking about our communities as in some black communities they could use a few principles the black community is suffering and when Obama was a State
Senate they suffered most of all in his district while he appeased and supported Rezko with his slumlord business those buildings that Rezko owned are now abandoned and boarded up they are a blight on the community what did
Obama do as a state senator not a dam thing.

In places like Englewood , Robbins, Harvey, they dont even have major supermarkets where children can have
fresh food these communities are laced with liquor stores and predatory lending, pawn shops and rent to own are you kidding with guns, project living, drugs, gangs, cameras throughout the communities up on light poles at every traffic stop.

Who are you trying to kid. I am black and I dont even live there
my husband was born and raised in Illinois and he loves to give me the scary tour.

And furthermore Rev Wright is the issue because he was his mentor, spiritual advisor, sounding board, listen to his wife complain about him, blessed his new home, baptized his children and hopefully very soon it will show that he lent
his pulpit to Michelle so she could rant and rave about the ill's of the white world like Rev Wright taught her.

So go away and come back when you get
better talking points.

So much for your community clean up your own
home first before you talk about community

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