The Party is Over

Hillary should have been the Democratic Party's nominee. Failing that there is no excuse for not picking her as VP. There are so many reasons why BO is a bad choice; starting with what he did NOT do for Chicago's south side. Not picking the Hill for VP is another instance of bad judgement from BO and also from his supporters whose hatred of women is obvious as they keep justifying his actions.

The hatred of women from the majority of members of the Democratic Party has become obvious to anyone reading their posts this morning. Obvious to everyone but them. They blithly make theri excuses; say they are feminists but......hillary was OK but....

Subconscious Jealousy toward those who have succeeded and are more popular is obvious to everyone but them. Jealous because the Clintons have hit the right note with the hated working class who the elitist wealthy corporate Dems have tried to drown in floods of illegal immigration.

Any individual can tell you he loves you as BO did at his coronation and is going to give you everything you want. But most of us grown ups have learned to look and see what the lover has in the bank and what kind of credit record we are marrying.

BO stole Hillary's platform and he sounds good. I looked at the south side of Chicago, drove through it until I got scared and got on the expressway. That is the district he represented? My god, he did not even get a grocery store built there. All liquor stores and quick cash businesses. That is where the hospitals dump patients. BO is all talk - community organizing my ass, nothing got organized there. Only churches with black separatist rhetoric to keep the oppressed voting for him while big Wall St money funds him. This is what the democrats are in love with - everything big money can buy.

And today McCain is picking a woman as VP. See the pictures of her shooting a gun, visiting with troops in Iraq? She looks like Hillary. It is over. My god, the repubs will win again.

I am so angry with the democrat party. With their LA values mentality, their youth and inexperience worship (the young are so easy to rape and exploit) and their left shallow identity politics and their contempt for the working class and their big money belief that their Hollywood stage set illusions can manipulate reality just like in the movies.

The Democrat contempt for the working class, you know working class - those bitter old women racists clinging to religion and guns, afraid of those who look different ( a good description of MOB)threw away our hope for economic recovery.

You know what this throwing away of a competent woman who could have WON the presidency and implemented those policies BO talks about means to the citizens? What that reckless nomination of an inexperienced arrogant, sexist, ageist male means for animal rights workers who the Repubs call terrorists, the environment, women's rights and the working class? Medical care and especially CHOICE? Now a republican will appoint the next three SC justices.

This is what the Dems threw away because those politicians and their wealthy supporters are so rich they can buy these things even if they are outlawed for the working and poor citizens. These politicians and Oprah with her diamond glasses have the best medical care money can buy - our tax money. And pensions and perks.

So these rights have become just bargaining chips the Democrats operatives and their shallow supporters use cynically to manipulate the vote. The agencies that are supposed to be doing medical research and protecting the food source and environment have been sold off to the highest bidders. What has the democratic majority done to exercise oversight and get these regulatory agencies under control? Nothing, because they are no longer afraid of the voters wrath. So they could take a chance with the presidency to flaunt their political correctness, pretend that this empty suit is MLK,JR's legacy while they stomp all over someone who actually marched with him.

Soon they will just determine our rulers, passing by us all together in closed door Rules Committee meetings, deciding between the 2 party's political operatives and Wall St who will be the figurehead president.

I think Election Reform has to be what we PUMAs come together on at last. Legislators are incapable of reforming the system as evidenced by the ineffective Feingold bill which tinkered but did not change the system.

There are so many things that are needed:

Financing of elections to include third parties and exclude private donations and politician's PACs.
Equal access to media and the return of the media fairness doctrine especially now that much of the US media is owned by foreign entities including Muslim family trusts.

The elimination of cross-over voting, i.e. stop republicans from voting in Dem primaries thereby selecting our nominee.
The elimination of caucuses and establishment of one person,one secret vote and every vote counted rules.
The elimination of delegates and the electoral congress in place of counting the votes cast as determinative.
The elimination of computerized voting which excludes write-ins and can be hacked.
The elimination of requirements that make it easy to exclude third parties from the ballot and the debates.
Increasing the number of debates to 10 at a minimum with at least four where the candidates talk to each other without moderators but with input from lottery chosen videos of voter questions.
Voting happening over a two day weekend.
State voting dates determined by a national lottery.

Add all the things I forgot.

Maybe even a parliamentary system which I would like to see debated. I no longer believe in the 2 party system and I would like to see a national discussion about why ordinary citizens despite national consensus on issues like immigration cannot get their politicians to enact legislation reflecting their demands. Another issue is equal pay for equal work.

How dare they drop that ball?

I would like to see PUMA become an electoral reform group and not just fade away. Then by 2012 we might be ready for a fair election where the voters can really choose the nominees and president.


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