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Check out her rock and roll Jukeboxes at the very bottom of her website page.

SEE ALSO Double Jointed Fingers . DJF has a great Joan Baez Video. When you go to DJF,Scroll Down - there are two videos - one of them at DJF is Joan Baex on Trafficking. Here below is a different Joan singing "prison trilogy" - I found out that if I put her name in search box at the top of the video I can get a lot of her songs. I am looking for "Silver Dagger".


Appalachia WAR

To the Second Wave - "You're Aging Well". Baez sings this too with its' author, Dar Williams. I dedicate this to Mercy Otis Warren who wrote the Bill of Rights but was not credited for it.

The Muse of the Revolution: The Secret Pen of Mercy Otis Warren and the Founding of a Nation
Author: Nancy Rubin Stuart


Blogger Double Jointed Fingers said...

Green, that last song is spectacular. I absolutely love it. And, I saw your post at Violet's about the woman who wrote the Bill of Rights. I was amazed.

Thank you for this. I love it when women connect and we all learn something new.


6:54 PM  
Blogger Double Jointed Fingers said...

I am making my holiday rounds and wanted to let you know that I've enjoyed your comments and your blog posts this year. You are a wealth of information on everything from feminism to Baez. Thanks for having a voice and I hope you have a wonderful, peaceful holiday.


6:03 PM  
Blogger Greenconsciousness said...

What a wonderful Solstice gift -- I found these 2 comments at the same time although one was left earlier. I have no idea how I missed it.

Compliments from someone I admire. Delicious. Made my week !!!

6:13 PM  

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