Poem to the Earth

Mother earth, we feel your heart beat
Mother earth, bless this day
Turning wheel, with your life force
The Winter Solstice has come our way
Winter Solstice, shaft of light
Signifies the shortest day
Turning wheel, the coldest season
Has sprinkled snowflakes of a silver grey

See the beautiful bird who always comes to her feeder and the rest of this beautiful Solstice poem at Double Jointed Fingers

AND she refers us to another beautiful Solstice site. Also see last years post wherein my friend describes a ritual for the Winter Solstice parties.

Pomander Recipe
Oranges are symbols of the sun

Choose firm whole thin-skinned oranges to stud with cloves, then roll in spice and tie with ribbons. Pomanders last for years and can be restored to their original fragrance by washing them in warm water and rolling them again in spice.

Ingredients for six to eight fruit:

1/2 pound long-stemmed cloves
1/4 teaspoon ground ginger
1/4 cup each:
ground cinnamon,
ground cloves,
ground nutmeg and allspice,
powdered orris root.

Wear tape on thumb to protect it while inserting cloves in close rows into the fruit. Mix the remaining spices in bowl to create a spice bath. After studding the fruit with cloves, roll it in the spice bath. For each pomander allow thirty minutes to an hour and be sure to complete it within twenty-four hours. Leave pomanders in spice bath in an open bowl in a warm, dry place for at least a week, turning them daily.

After curing and drying, tie with ribbons. Allow a week or more before boxing as a gift.

We have the strength of dandelions, white and fuzzy.
The wind blows us everywhere; we
seed and grow.
We have the strength of evergreens who
never rest.
We have the beauty of the fair rainbow.



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