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I am an 87 year old father, grandfather, a great-grandfather and a great great-grandfather.

This is not about me; I just want you to know who I am and why I’m writing this. My daughter Betty Jean Kling is 60 years old. She had four children, two boys and two girls. She lost one of her sons to cancer and her eldest daughter Denise is in the last stages of ovarian cancer.

Her youngest daughter Louisa, who just had foot surgery and was on crutches was tending to her sister Denise to give her mother a break since she had been at her daughters side day and night and really needed a few hours out.

While Louisa was tending to her sister, Denise’s estranged husband, George, busted into the house and shot Louisa in the face with a shotgun.

Before he shot her, Louisa managed to text her son Marc and call her brother Tommy who heard George ordering Denise to get him her [pain medication] drugs and through the cell phone that was dropped after the gun shot and the call connected.

Tommy and Marc rushed to the house from several blocks away and stopped George from shooting Denise. Apparently, after he got the drugs he ordered her back to the couch and sat her down and was about to shoot her in the head too when Marc and Tommy rushed in and subdued George until the police came.

I shudder to think what might have happened to either or both my Grandson and great Grandson had the gun [gone] off at them. [I think about] the nerve it took to attack a man holding a shotgun. Their instincts got in the way of safety first and luckily the gun never went off again.

Unfortunately, the one shot that did get fired hit Louisa right in the face and took out her eye, obliterated her right skull and most of her right brain tissue. Louisa suffered such an extensive amount of damage to her brain she lies in critical condition in Hackensack Medical Center and is not expected to live.

The estranged husband, George Hartwig, had been arrested last June and released after three months for beating Denise in the head with a hammer to get her cancer drugs. He plead guilty that time but said he was sorry and he would get help for his drug addiction.

He was out on his own recognizance when this incident happened. The shooter, George plead Not Guilty at his arraignment and was quite annoyed that he was ordered not to contact his dying wife for Christmas saying that ‘SUCKS’.

My question is why is there no protection for women in this country? Will they turn George loose again to come and kill the rest of the family, as he has threatened to do?

This goes on day in and day out all over this country. Where is the outrage? Where are the laws? Who is teaching children in school about the epidemic? What will we do about it? Why not?

This is a heart rending story, mothers are not supposed to outlive their children, Grandfathers are not supposed to outlive their grandchildren.

My wife Louise and I have fought for woman’s rights all our lives. I personally went to Trenton NJ and incorporated the Girls & Boys Club of Lodi and insisted on the town to supply the land to build a Boy’s and Girl’s Club. The town decided to change the name of the Boys club to the Boys and Girls club instead.

Since then the National Boys club of America decided to make the change also. I remember when I was marching at the head of the girls club float in a parade and some smart aleck yelled, “What are you doing marching with the girls?” I yelled back, “doesn’t your little girl have a father?”

I remember when my wife who was the president of our building corporation went with a lady friend to have lunch and was stopped at the door and told to observe the sign read Business Mans Lunch. The owner of the restaurant told them that they had to be escorted by a man.
My wife went to our congresswomen and filed a complaint. She followed it up and eventually the laws made those signs come down.

Evidently we didn’t fight long enough or hard enough to make the changes needed but we raised a daughter who as you can see if you read her blogs, her Free US Now newsletters or listen to her radio shows has taken up where we left off.

Having taken over from us old folks, she is fighting for the very lives of her children. I implore all of you who read this to join her and her friends in this momentous fight for the Equal Rights Amendment for the country that’s supposed to be the most advanced in the world.

Roy Downing
BettyJean Kling’s Proud Pop

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Greenconsciousness Said:
To support and encourage go comment at Betty's website

I have been thinking about this all night and it came to me that the best news anchor to try to reach is Jane Velez Mitchell who has had many shows on domestic violence and who is actually is trying to organize women against domestic violence. She is just establishing herself and will be more interested than the Graces and Gretas who already have their main focus.

Please contact your organizations to write to newscasters, on Betty Jean's behalf. She and we need media attention to her case. Ask bloggers to post this request for help contacting media on their blogs. We need hundreds of letters to Jane Velez Mitchell. Organization's blogs could do an action alert telling their members to contact the media and ask they feature this case and the errors of the legal system. Many media contacts will really help. Betty should contact the local shelters to write or email her. All of us should point Jane Velez-Mitchell to this and other blogs where the story is posted. Betty's blog Free US Now, has to compile a list of links to blog stories about her case.

Help us tell people through radio shows. Call your local talk radio shows and ask them to do a phone interview with Betty Jean. Every single one of the people reading this could get one radio interview. Radio show producers are always looking for stories. When Betty goes on one radio show she can ask the listeners to contact the national media to do a story on how this happened.

“Issues with Jane Velez-Mitchell" is a current affairs TV show on Headline News hosted by Jane Velez-Mitchell. It airs weekdays in the 7-8 PM EST time slot. It replaced the Glenn Beck program.

Jane currently resides in Los Angeles. You can contact her at:
jane AT secretscanbemurder DOT com

The show is known for its strong opinions on what it reports. One of them being “War on Women”, in which an all-women feminist panel discuss various cases, and opinions on missing women, and violence against women”

She has some links to organizations that might help.

Here are links to Velez Mitchell :

Greenconsciousness Said:
A slew of crime laws will also take effect on New Year’s Day. In Illinois, judges will be able to order those who violate a restraining order to wear tracking devices. The Cindy Bischof law is named for a woman who was gunned down by her ex-boyfriend; before her murder, she had asked about using global positioning system technology to keep track of him.


freemenow, on January 5th, 2009 at 6:25 pm Said:

As for getting through the pain- there is no getting through the pain! I have not gotten over the pain of loosing my son to cancer 8 years ago, nor the pain of watching Denise as her body has been succumbing to cancer these last 25 months. But this - this sensless shooting- and now to have to bear the shock of having my baby girl violently and viciously shot in the head for no damned reason at all!

There are no words to describe my pain - my agony and there will be no getting over the loss of three children out of 4. Not now - no - not ever in this lifetime!

The only thing in this world that can possibly bring me any peace is that we use Louisa’s tragedy to pass a law that will prevent other women from this unbearable pain. If my daughter’s horror comes to good - only then will I be quieted in some small way. She can not - I repeat she can not die in vain!

Louisa is slipping away- and I promised her - she will not go without leaving her mark on this world! I promised her that her sacrifice would not be in vain- I told her that the puma in her would not be forgotten and her light would not be dimmed! I promised!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I want to say something about Betty Jeans character. Last year on You Tube I struck up a conversation with Betty Jean about Hillary's health care plan. She told me of how important Hillary's plan was to her in her personal life because of all she had been through with the loss of her son and now having a daughter with ovarian cancer.

When Betty Jean saw the rampant cheating in every caucus state and the Indiana primary among other blatant wrongs the democratic party had engaged in this year. She in spite of her own personal situation turned around and put her life long democratic stances aside to vote for John McCain because it was the right thing to do given the nature of the assault on our voter rights. That impressed me. Many of us had done the same but, Betty Jean of all the people I talked to had the most at risk personally. Her conviction about doing the right thing and standing up always impressed me. Indeed I hadn't talked to her for a long while and wondered given her situation if she might not have gone ahead and voted Obama and would not have blamed her for doing so under the circumstances. When I found out that she had decided to stand with PUMA against the debacle of vote stealing and sham roll call votes and FOR voter rights and democracy I cannot tell you how deeply impressed I was and touched.

Betty Jean has been a staunch and fearless supporter of her deeply held beliefs for women's rights and for democracy.

No woman has been stronger that I have talked to during this time.

Betty Jean, you are in my thoughts and prayers. You are a beacon to all women and a strong example of Hillary's values. "Keep going" You would make her very proud. You make us all very proud to have been on the side of right with you and to have fought the good fight.

God Bless you and your entire family. We PUMAS will be part of the "village" you can lean on. You can count on that.

With much love and admiration,

Alice Paul
*you know who I am*

8:03 PM  
Blogger Greenconsciousness said...

I voted for Obama in the end -- Just could not vote for a republican with their anti-choice stance and their lack of compassion for those of us who cannot get the medical care we need. The republicans perfected the credit economy, the wall st worship of predatory taking. They gutted the regulatory agencies. They even war profiteered. Yes, they fought the Islamic theocracies and that was good for women. Their Office of international Women's Issues in the State Dept was more feminist than anything before it or since. But women must control their own bodies right here in Freedomland or we are just dependent children. Republicans oppose the ERA. And they allowed uncontrolled immigration for years while their corporations profiteered on slave labor.

So although BO and his supporters ran a sexist campaign, and the democrat party no longer represents the working class, there was just too much bad about the repubs for me to vote for them in the end. I thought I might be able to do it but I could not.

9:18 PM  
Blogger Greenconsciousness said...

Remember the Repubs wanted to "reform" social security so that people could invest their retirement in Wall St stocks. Who are they working for? Old people or their rich friends? I did not want them to make any more changes with the few social programs they had not yet destroyed. God knows we cannot afford medicine or medical care; the insurance industry rips us off; there are no consumer protections; the contracts are unreadable; need lawyers for mortgages and tax preparation. State agencies that are supposed to regulate are staffed by people working for the industry they are supposed to regulate. No, I had enough of the party of the rich.

9:26 PM  
Blogger Greenconsciousness said...

I received this sad news from the Free us Now (Betty Jean's Blog) newsletter today:

Denise Anne Richardson

My beloved daughter

Entered this world 9-7-1963

She made this world a better place
Escorted by her Brother Mikie

Who preceded her 9 years ago

And on the wings of angels

Left us with a smile on 3-7-2009
Denise battled Ovarian cancer for nearly 36 months

She spent her final 36 hours surrounded with love

was comforted by those she loved and trusted

including Louisa who was with her in a special way.

She got to Say I love you and kiss us goodbye

We got to say thank you

We got to say I love you

And kiss her goodbye

Denise did a lot of great things

for a lot of people

anyone that ever met Dee

had something to thank her for!

5:34 AM  
Blogger Greenconsciousness said...

Go to Betty Jean's excellent Blog here:

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