Phyllis in Rome

September 12, 2009, 11:45pm.

I came to Rome to participate in an international conference on violence against women which was an Initiative of the Italian Presidency of the G8.

The participants were smart, serious, principled, educated, eloquent, practical, courageous, energetic and beautiful; they wore vibrant colors, stunning jewelry, multi-colored headgear and hijab.

I presented my preliminary findings about honor killings in 28 countries and on five continents.

Religious Muslim feminists (modern, professional, accomplished woman, not fundamentalists, not jihadists, some in hijab, some bare headed), confirmed that my work was “true” and “very important” and begged me to explain to them why so many western and academic feminists were so willing to betray women in developing, Muslim countries and Muslim immigrant communities by insisting on multi-cultural “relativism.”

Sweet vindication. (Yes, ‘tis true, three fundamentalists frowned a great deal and one took the mike, as if she were taking an oath, and solemnly declared: “Islam is innocent.”)

I will be writing about the Conference women when I return home. But first, I have to say goodbye to Rome, a city that I have been visiting for 49 years............

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