Green Consciousness: December 2008 Archives

Madoff and a Small Town
Yeah, that's the answer
Operation Bagdad Pups
Poem to the Earth
Homemade tree
Happy Winter Solstice
Norma Hotaling; Sage Founder Dies
Child Abuse History
What Helps Prostitutes
We should talk about Porn
My friend cooked squash soup
Lawsuit Against Pedophile Organizations
WI fathers rights case ends in murder
Trap Set For Hillary
Winter Solstice is Coming;All Hail the Dark;Welcome the Sun's Return!
Wilberforce Victory
Condi Rice's Medal of Courage Awards
Underage sex workers in Portland
WI Anti Trafficking Law
pimps, johns who victimize children
December 2 is International Day for the Abolition of Slavery
Hollywood Celebrity and Wealth buys sex with children
US does not work with trafficked slaves to prosecute pimps

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