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07/08/2002 "Let us talk about the DNR"

The Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources (DNR) is the main source of employment for the University of Wisconsin's biologists, botanists, and ecologists. These are the people who did animal research before they found normal employment.

The DNR uses the hunting community as their base of support in a cover known as the Conservation Congress. The Congress determines the DNR's regulations and harvest animals at Conservation Congress meetings.

The Conservation Congress meetings are attended by hunters in their camouflage outfits. They determine the use of the state lands to the detriment of hikers, bicyclists, nature lovers, family campers, and everyone else who want to use the public lands that all Wisconsin taxpayers support.

The DNR encourages hunting in the State's parks and has gradually added more and more species and extended the hunting seasons until now there is hunting at all times the parks are open. No one can take their dogs to the state parks without fear of their being shot anymore.

When regular citizens complain about these regulations, they are told they should attend the Congress meetings. There is not one meeting but a meeting is held in each county, so no matter how big the group of people opposing a regulation, the group does not go to one meeting. The group is split up so that it is never more then 1/2 the people in each county. The more "up-north" the county, the less people willing to go face the hunters.

At the Congress meetings, hunters boo and shout down non-hunters when they try to speak and even when hunters are not allowed to do this, the air of menace and threat is thick at those meetings.

Hundreds of non-hunters tried to use the Congress meetings when the idiot DNR wanted to pass regulations to kill mourning doves (open Wisconsin's blue book and see that the mourning dove is the state's symbol of peace) but it was hopeless. The men who wanted their boys to "start" on birds won, as usual. They said the doves were a good animal to use when practicing shooting because the birds fly in a zig-zag pattern. People were intimidated and the civilians learned what animal welfare people had been dealing with for years.

Non-hunters now refuse to attend those "Conservation" meetings and most have resolved to end that system and bring wildlife and public land regulation back to the legislature.

The Congress/DNR has Boards; Boats; Airplanes; its' own police force; Public Relations spokesmen (and they ARE men) and lots-of-meetings, all at the tax payers expense.

Unfortunately, the practice of having a constituent Congress is confined to the DNR. The Department of Health does not have a Patient Congress to determine their regulations. The Department of Insurance does not have an Insured Congress to determine insurance rates. The Department of Transportation doesn't have a Driver Congress to determine the speed limits.

A DNR supervisor clubbed a starving, lost cat to death with a pipe with the full support of the department who mobilized their P R people and their attorneys to protect him. They whined about the cat biting him and maybe the dead cat had rabies (it did not). The great big manly men are too stupid to bait a live trap, I guess. I don't believe a word of it. I believe he was hurting the cat when it bit him. This clubbing of cats is just what DNR culture approves of and encourages. The entire DNR rose as one to defend the cat killer against normal community sanctions. DNR personnel are not subject to the state cruelty laws.

The DNR has Scott Craven, UW-Extension Wildlife Ecologist to encourage people to kill feral cats or to support that killing. Craven will deny this but skeptics should listen to Craven's interviews on the Larry Meiller radio show on Wisconsin Public Radio. They are on tape although I am not certain of the dates. But there were a series of shows around the time the Madison Humane Society started a trap-neuter and release program for feral cats (approx. Sept 2001). Craven, in one of his many slanders against feral cats (and the Humane Society) said, why not trap and just "get rid of the problem once and for all". Meiller said his cat hated Craven and they laughed. Craven's name fits his character. On one of these shows Craven talks about his regular meetings with the DNR to "solve the feral cat problem". Who appointed Craven and the DNR to do this? No one.

The DNR kills swans because they are non-native species despite the protests of the Mayor and citizens of the city where these swans have resided for over 20 years (we are all non-native species). The DNR bands animals and does not remove or enlarge the bands as the animals grow. Their bear banding radio collars lead the bear hunter's dogs right to the bears who are then ripped apart by the dogs. The DNR encourages bow and arrow hunting; and hunting with muzzle loaders (so the boys can pretend they are back in the wild west);they encourage hunting with dogs; no form of hunting is too cruel for the DNR.

The DNR has allowed caned hunts, and game farms. They have publicly disparaged the animal welfare people as bleeding hearts and fools for years. The DNR ignored those people's repeated warnings, and deliberately created an immense herd of deer for the hunting industry. Now, because of overcrowding, Wisconsin deer have chronic wasting disease.

Guess what the bright lights at the DNR say about that problem?

SURPRISE! Let have more HUNTING. The DNR is proposing a 6 month hunt to kill ALL the deer in south-western Wisconsin. They will go on private land to do this whether or not they have the consent of the owner. They are leaving the fawns to starve. AND THEY LOVE IT. They are calling themselves sharp shooters, the assholes. They are filmed laughing as they go out in trucks for their fun.

Now, city dwellers may not understand the full implications of the final solution. During deer hunting season, rural Wisconsin is a war zone. People have been shot and KILLED walking their dogs. Companion animals are routinely shot. Walking on a nature trails, bullets are whizzing all around you and your children. You are advised to wear orange vests in the parks. People are killed in their backyards hanging laundry. Bullets fly close to the beltway in Madison and terrified deer crash through plate glass windows seeking shelter from the bullets. Cops come and kill them. Hunters tresspass on private land routinely, even when it is posted. Rural landowners must kill deer dying on their land with their legs shot off- the brave hunters leave them to suffer to death when following their wounded victims becomes too much trouble. After all, you can just find another one to shoot.

My cats were shot by a hunter in the city of Dodgeville because he knew the hunter cops would not enforce the law. Contempt for the suffering of animals is mass culture in Wisconsin because of the KIND of recreational-killing culture the DNR has created, leads and protects. Their kind of recreational killing (as opposed to hunting culture) does not emphasize a quick, clean kill for the animal but emphasises a variety of thrills for the hunters. A license is not given when you achieve the level of proficiency that means a quick death for the animal. The DNR encourages children and blind people to hunt by any means they choose.

Everyone is paying tax dollars to support the DNR and their bloated budgets and their public relations officers who explain to the fool citizens why it is good to club a cat to death. And if you let this continue without protest you ARE a fool.

Because what goes around, comes around. And it is coming around for your wallet. You will finance this mass kill of deer, the crematoriums, the "sharp shooters" over-time; the new laboratories, and the new herd they will immediately rebuild.

Although private labs are available to do the testing the DNR (under the cover of the USDA) has refused to allow that. It is my guess that the University of Wisconsin and the State see a money making opportunity in the massive testing of deer heads for chronic wasting disease the DNR is mandating. WHY do they have to test? It is unclear to me whether it is because the hunters want it to see if they can eat the meat and/or if the DNR mandated it to see the extent of the problem. It is also unclear to me who is going to pay for the testing since the hunters have been asked to help the DNR wipe out the herd.


Don't come to Wisconsin to enjoy the beauty of the night skys because these boys are going to kill someone foolish enough to think that in the US of A you have the right to enjoy the state parks or walk in safety on your own private land. It is only a matter of time.


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