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10/22/2002 "Henry County Animal Torture"

A concerned local resident has sent PETA recent video footage depicting deplorable living conditions and cruel killings at what we are told is the Henry County Animal Shelter in Campbellsburg, Kentucky. The Henry County facility contracts with Gallatin and Trimble County to house and kill those counties' animals.

In the footage, stray, lost, and unwanted dogs are crowded into urine- and feces-covered pens, many with no food or water in sight. We are told that the shelter is hidden away from and closed to the public, preventing potential adopters from looking for a companion animal and lost dogs from being reunited with their human families.

PETA has learned that dog wardens from Gallatin and Henry County attended and passed a euthanasia by injection certification course almost two years ago, in October 2000, but the footage reveals a lone worker (who we are told is solely responsible for housing, feeding, cleaning, and killing all animals) dragging dogs out of the facility by their necks on a catchpole, positioning them in front of a backhoe full of dead and dying dogs, and shooting them. The dogs are then suspended, their full weight hanging by the catchpole noose around their necks, and slammed, some still visibly alive, on top of the shot dogs piled in the backhoe.

Filthy Facility and a 2-Cent Bullet to the Head

PETA has written to officials in Gallatin, Henry, and Trimble Counties to ask that conditions and killings at the shelter be investigated and corrected immediately and that charges be filed against the person or persons responsible. For more information, or to read PETA's letter, please go to www.peta.org.

Please join us in politely but firmly asking these officials to provide homeless animals with humane, legal living conditions and, at the very least, a peaceful death.

Henry County magistrates:

John Allgeier
David Brown
Michael Fisher
Wayne Gunnell
Cecil McCarty
County Courthouse
P.O. Box 202
New Castle, KY 40050-0202
Tel.: 502-845-5707
Fax: 502-845-5708

Trimble County magistrates:

Norvel Barnes
Michael Dunaway
Stephen Stark
Richard Webster
County Courthouse
P.O. Box 251
Bedford, KY 40006-0251
Tel.: 502-255-7196
Fax: 502-255-4618

Gallatin County magistrates:

Elsie Ewbank
Sidney M. Gullion
Kenneth A. McFarland
Eric Moore
County Courthouse
100 Main St.
Warsaw, KY 41095
Tel.: 859-567-5691
Fax: 859-567-4764

Please copy your correspondence to the counties' judge executives also, using the same contact information:

Tommy Bryant, Henry County Judge Executive

George W. Zubati, Gallatin County Judge Executive

Ray Clem, Trimble County Judge Executive

Thank you! You are making a difference!

Tommy Bryant, George W. Zubati, Ray Clem, Henry Co. magistrates, Trimble Co. magistrates, & Gallatin Co. magistrates

Sponsor of Petition:
Alison Gollup


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