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12/04/2002 "Heroes fight to free American children from the Arab slave states; American Law Firms represent Slavers"

Just one comment: I have absolutely no conflicts about where I stand on Islamic or Arab Culture: Slave Religion, Slave Culture. I will dance on the grave of all patriarchies. For those of you who worry about invading Iraq or the war on Afghanistan, here is a reasoned discourse on the subject of multiculturism.

I believe, if I find rape, genital mutilation, submission and lack of choice oppressive to me, I had better not justify it for other women in the name of cultural differences. For that is betrayal of those women who are desperately waiting for the less oppressed to help them.

And as for waiting for those women to object before I speak out against their slavery, I understand that death and torture without refuge will silence even the bravest of us. If we could collect honest suicide and homicide statistics in Arab countries, that would document their protest but -hey no stats - no problems..

PLEASE E-MAIL C-SPAN AND ASK THEM TO RE-RUN ALL HEARINGS HELD for 3 days between June 12 and Oct 3rd, 2002, by Indiana Republican Representative Dan Burton, House Government Reform Committee Chairman, on the issue of American children kidnapped by Saudi Arabian fathers and held in slavery in Saudi Arabia.

PLEASE ASK C-SPAN TO RE-RUN THE HEARING HELD TODAY DECEMBER 4TH, 2002, by Indiana Republican Dan Burton, House Government Reform Committee Chairman, on the misnamed "custody" issue.

When the abducted girls are 16 they are sold to other families in slave "marriages". Some mothers have been fighting for their children since 1984. I remember trying to publicize their cases in the 1980's but it was hopeless. Now that the fascist Arab slave-holding nation has produced terrorists who killed Americans just as they routinely kill Israelis, more attention is being given to these abducted children.

It turns out that our State Dept. worked with the Saudi's to betray these mothers and American women who had married Saudi's and were being held as slaves in Saudi Arabia.

One American wife of a Saudi who managed to escape to the American embassy with her children was turned out of the embassy by the marines and given over to the Saudi religious police.

Our government encouraged US citizens to hire and pay Saudi "attorneys" to regain custody of their kidnapped children in Islamic courts when the State Department knew those attorneys could not help those mothers even if they wanted to help, which they did not. These Saudi "attorneys" had nothing but contempt for the unsubmissive western mothers (and in fact all women). They treated the mothers sadistically telling them they were being punished for going to the press.

Saudi lobbyist Law Firms, Dutton and Dutton and Patton and Bogs of Washington D.C. get $200,000.00 a month to obstruct these mothers and keep these children slaves in Saudi Arabia. The mothers called Saudi public relation firms, Hill and Nolton and Korvis Corporation, and the Gallenger Group, torture lobbyists for Saudi Arabia.

Indiana Republican Representative Dan Burton is an absolute hero for women and should be honored and supported by all of us till the day he dies and then he will remain honored in my soul until I die. When all legislators ignored us and refused to admit that what the Saudis do to women is criminal, regardless of their culture or religion, he called the slavery of women in Saudi Arabia criminal.

Slavery is criminal and no religion or cultural practice justifies it. And our State Department protected the Saudis, not our children. They sold the Arabs our children, and worse, sold female children to receive in return cheap oil and the favor of Saudi princes.

Sold our female children to a nation that gives women 40 blows with a whip if their face shows too much from behind a veil, 40 blows while the woman holds the Koran under her armpits. They cannot drop the Koran or the beating starts all over again. Count to 40 slowly - how does it feel? Now, what if it was your daughter?

And one of the interesting facts that came out in this hearings, is that when the wife of the Saudi ambassador was found to be funding terrorists, Barbara Bush and Alma Powell called the princess to offer her their full support. The Bush family and Colin Powell's wife, their hands dirty, offering our country's support and protection on a silver platter to their wealthy slave masters while Bush, puppet of the slave nations, talks cowboy tough on television about "no child left behind".

Arkansas Senator Blanche Lincoln has agreed to work with the House Committee and is lobbying Biden and Luger to hold hearing on Saudi child abductions in the Senate. Please e-mail Luger and Biden to ask for hearings on Saudi child abductions and our U.S. State Department's complicity and active co-operation in the kidnappings.

Moreover U.S. citizens are being held as slave wives by Saudi men who lured them into the country for "short vacations" and then refused to allow the women to leave.
These women, now slaves, have been denied sanctuary in U S Embassies and turned back over to the Saudis for punishment.

Democrat District of Columbia Delegate Eleanor Holmes Norton has been active on the House Govt. Reform Committee on this issue and spoke out against the Saudi ambassador and the Saudi power structure's lies and evasions. She warned the Saudis that this would be a bi-partisan issue. I think she is wrong. You understand, now that Bush and the Republicans are in the majority, Burton will be removed as the Chair of this committee and the Republicans will silence this issue for their Saudi friends. Only your protests will keep the issue alive.

House Reform Committee member Democratic Representative Carolyn Maloney from New York spoke urging the passage of HR 5715 which expands the list of people who can be denied visas to include the extended families of abductors. She said the more Saudis inconvenienced by these abductions, the less popular will be the continued enslavement of the children.


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