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03/26/2002 "The Law The Church and State Power"

Andrea and Russell Yates

The state of Texas prosecutors, against all scientific evidence about post-partum depression psychosis, told the jury Andrea Yates WAS NOT INSANE. Told the jury that Andrea knew what she was doing when she killed her five children. Her Motive? I have no idea what Texas used for motive. Those 12 Texan Bright Lights on the jury bought the Booklyn Bridge and convicted Andrea of murder.

Now those same prosecutors want to charge Russell Yates with murder because he knew Andrea WAS INSANE and still left the children alone with her. He told his MOTHER to help her and his washed out mother left Andrea alone with the children. Russell works for NASA. He has money-he could have hired help. But his church taught him that his wife and mother were his servants and it was their FUNCTION in life to love and serve him. I can just see him on the witness stand blaming his mother.

Russell knew Andrea's medication had been changed two weeks before the killing of the children. He even knows that the meds did not work on the underlying psychosis. Most people as sick as Andrea have their meds changed only when they are admitted to the hospital. Andrea got a bottle of new and questionable medication and was sent home to home-school 5 children. And Texas convicts HER of murder.

Listen-do we really need the South? They never caught up with the rest of the word. The Bible Belt. Russell Yates said he would now have to divorce Andrea because marriage was for "comfort" and procreation and he wants to have more children.

Since the South still believes in the death penalty, I would like to see Russell Yates electrocuted with the minister of his fundamentalist church on his lap. And Andrea's doctor sued for malpractice. Unfortunetly, Russell will be the one to sue the doctor and he will be awarded the money. No one else has standing to sue.

A Case that grew in the Shadows by Adam Liptak The New York Times - March 24 2002
"Even in civil cases, quite a few courts have held the church immune from suit for the negligent hiring and supervision of priests who engage in sexual abuse.

The Wisconsin Supreme Court, for instance, rejected a claim that the church negligently supervised a hospital chaplain who was accused of sexually assaulting a woman. The court said that it could not decide the case without interpreting ecclesiastical law and in particular the vow of celibacy. That would, it held, "excessively entangle the court in religious affairs, contrary to the First Amendment."

The Mother...Tales of a Virginia Farmer...heard on National Public Radio today on All Things Considered

He called the vet because one of his sheep, already a grandmother was giving birth and it was not going well. The vet said: She has stopped trying, if you kill her, I will get the baby. The farmer got his 22, put the barrel close to Grandma's head and pulled the trigger.

Worried that the blood would stop flowing to the lamb, the vet grabbed a hunting knife and sliced through Grandma's stomach, cutting through muscle and blood until he found and cut open her uterus.

He found the lamb and pulled it out. It was not breathing. The vet swung the lamb around in a circle to clear its' nasal passages. Both men were concentrating intently, willing life into the animal. Finally the lamb bleated and then let out a long, loud Baaaaaa.

And then, behind them, forgotten in the dirt and blood, Grandma raised her head and bleated a long Baaaaa back to her baby.

The farmer shot Grandma again.

Today, Grandma's now grown lamb gave birth to her own baby. Afterward, the farmer searched for good nails in the rubble of the barn which had collapsed some time after Grandma's butchery. As he lifted old boards, the farmer found the knife that had been lost that day . When he touched the knife, a sick feeling reminded him of the mother sheep's own bloody birth. The farmer thought, she had no trouble giving birth today -she comes from a long line of good mothers.

Heard on Jean Feraca's radio show April 8, 2002 - Interview with author of The Botany of Desire by Michael Pollen

The beef calf lives with it's mother for 6 months. When it comes time to separate them, if they are kept on the same farm, the calf and its mother will bellow and call to each other across the fields. The mother is very agitated and tries to search for her child.

The farmer takes her milk if she is still lactating but she is resistant; and her calling will go on and on answered by the calf until it becomes a moaning. Farmers do not like to listen to this. So many farmers take the youngsters to someone else's farm so the "humans" do not have to listen to the calves calling for the mother. When they ship away the calves, they only have to listen to the mother calling and crying. And supposedly, if she cannot hear her baby crying in return she will stop calling sooner. Nothing was said about the calf's adjustment. Presumably they don't have to endure living on a feed lot more than 8 more months with growth hormones and antibiotics administered in corn mixed with the bone and blood of their own species.

As for this journal writer, I will take the bullet before I ever eat any animal's flesh again.

See, The Mother a play by Edward Albee

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