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"I'm not interested in holding hands with the Saudis. I'm interested inholding them accountable." - Hillary Clinton
"Well, this is depressing. Oil is now over $100 a barrel.
"Experts" say gas could reach $4 a gallon, yeah.

I believe the "experts" are named Bush and Cheney."
--Jay Leno
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Middle Eastern Female Filmmakers Give Glimpse of Once-Veiled WorldsAlterNet - San Francisco,CA,USA
Not willing to let men or Westerners speak for them, Middle Eastern female filmmakers get behind the camera. Tel Aviv - In the Middle East, women have a new ...
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Al Jazeera wins award at middle east businesswoman and leaders awards - Mumbai,Maharashtra,India
The Awards, designed to celebrate the achievements of professional women in the Middle East, recognized the numerous contributions of Al Jazeera's female ...
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Saudi Women Urging Ease on Driving Restrictions
By Sharlina
A Saudi woman has posted a video of herself driving on YouTube in an effort to urge the Saudi government to expand the rights of women to drive in Saudi Arabia.
There is a current fatwa in Saudi Arabia that women are banned from driving ...
Project on Middle East Democracy (POMED) -

Moving Beyond the VeilBy LT(Brian)

Feminism in Jordan and the larger Middle East is different. Women here aren't fighting superfluous battles; they're fighting for the right to exist in the public sphere. They're fighting for equal access to education—a choice that won't hurt their marriage prospects.

They're fighting for choice, a choice that isn't constrained by the wishes of their families. And their fight isn't the unnecessary one I had seen as 'American' feminism; theirs is a worthy battle and a necessary one, too.
On the first day of class, my Arab Women's Lit professor read us poem written by an Arab woman some hundred years ago. After she finished, she probed us for our reactions.READ MORE...-

Challenges facing the women’s liberation movement

By Maryam Namazie(Maryam Namazie)

"It is within this context that left and progressive groups, socialist and mass movements within the Middle East and elsewhere are challenging people and organizations everywhere to take a principled and human stand against sexual ... [apartheid]

Maryam Namazie writes:
"This type of politics denies universalism, sees rights as ‘western,’ justifies the suppression of women's rights, freedoms and equality, under the guise of respect for other ‘cultures’ implying that people want to live the way they are forced to and imputing on innumerable people the most reactionary elements of culture and religion, which is that of the ruling class.

In this type of politics, the oppressor is victim and any criticism racist.

Whilst the anti-imperialist left defends and justifies political Islam on the one hand, the virulently racist right-wing defends US militarism and the brutal Israeli occupation of Palestine on the ...other."

(Greenconsciousness notes: I disagree. I believe on the whole, Israel is doing what any organism that wants to survive should do. It is being attacked by Nazi consciousness - Israel has been restrained and ethical in the face of Nazi consciousness--behaving wisely in resisting the attack .

Israel has a right to defend its' right to exist in its' ancient homeland as an ethnic sovereign of its' own territory. Any organism can refuse to be overwhelmed by another culture which refuses to limit its' reproduction and denies its' citizens free safe birth control and abortion services.

Any society can close its' borders to contain overpopulation.

This is something for the "reality based community"(ie, the male left) to discuss honestly instead of labeling this topic racist and silencing the concerns of women whose status will be drastically impacted. In a democracy, if fascist males are allowed to become the majority through immigration, women's rights are threatened. That is why education and assimilation is a feminist position.

Feminists, animal welfare, and human rights groups should be represented in the citizenship curriculum.

Citizen Policy Boards should control the activities of the immigration dept. and thereby, control the citizenship curriculum.

That is feminist immigration policy and it is not left or right - it is centered in the personal where truth lives.

Because they will not be able to keep organizing illegals here the Unions will agree, with the protection of the US government, to organize, by rights guaranteed under Hillary's new NAFTA, the workers in foreign countries whose goods are imported into any NAFTA country. Thus human and ecological rights will be elevated wherever the US is in treaty with another nation. We shall insist on the right to organize the workers and to have equal quotas of males and females with equal rights between them.

The Unions must move to other countries, to improve human rights globally, and will confront killers where they must go. The US must insure that the Unions are not corrupt and do not install corrupt unions in foreign countries.

Organized crime must be driven out of the unions and the Unions must represent only the workers. The organizers' protection will be up to immigration officers. The killers who have an uneasy alliance with the male left will become rehabilitated or their threat to all will emerge. That is the price of exporting democracy.

Particularly, in light of how ethno-religious Muslims have treated ethno-religious Jews in every other country in the region and in the world. Particularly in that Jews wish to live in a secular democracy whereas ethno-religious Muslims live in religious theocracies or fascist states - in light of its Democratic secular social organization, Israel has a right to claim US protection and favored nation status. Social organization and human and environmental rights should determine favored nation status.-- -...

Maryam Namazie writes:"In 1973, as a result of international attention and widespread opposition to the apartheid system in South Africa apartheid was recognised as a crime against humanity.

On the 100th anniversary of International Women’s Day, let’s together proclaim that sexual apartheid is a crime against humanity. "

This womans analysis is interesting to read -follow the link and read on).

Ten worst countries for women
By Karen

Putting power in women’s hands is the biggest challenge for improving their lives in every country, advocates agree. Whether in the poorest countries of Africa, or the most repressive of the Middle East or Asia, lack of control over...

A Collection ...of articles - Oprah & Obama's "New Earth"
By buddhaspeaksbiz(buddhaspeaksbiz)
You bet, and that's why the majority of her faithful followers who are white middle class women are "pissed off" that she is supporting Obama instead of Hillary. So the fundamental question is what is this about for Oprah? ...
buddhaspeaksbiz -

Because here’s the truth of the matter, Keith: Woman is the ni**er of the world. And every time you and Tweety and Obama and David Axelrod go off on the Clinton campaign like this without curbing your own speech and body language, you reinforce that message. And whenever Kerry or Kennedy or Dean don’t stand up and demand respect for Hillary from you and condemn the words that flow out of your mouths when Tweety refers to her as ‘babe’ and Obama tells everyone that she gets angry at him when she’s feeling emotional, you reinforce that message. And any time Howard Fineman or Jonathan Alter or Eugene Robinson appear on Countdown with you to say how it’s urgent for the sake of the party that Hillary drop out of the race in spite of the fact that she has *earned* more votes in more crucial states than Barry ever has or will, you reinforce that message.


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