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Interesting juxtaposition over at Men For Hillary

Referring to yet another race baiting article about Hillary written by a BObot, Mark writes:

I will tell you who should be ashamed of himself -- Mr. Herbert, for being willing to ignore the many statements of Senator Obama which were not only similar to Clinton's recent musings about exit polls, but were much more arrogant. Herbert either has a convenient short memory, or his biases are more than showing.

Either both Clinton and Obama are race-baiting or they both are not. They are either both racists or they both are not. Make up your mind. They have been entirely equal in their statements that can be construed as anti-black racism or anti-white prejudice. Obama, all along, has been able say things such as he said in he said in August of 2007:
"I'm probably the only candidate who having won the nomination can actually redraw the political map," Obama told a Democratic voter skeptical that he could defeat a Republican candidate.

"I guarantee you African-American turnout, if I'm the nominee, goes up 30 percent around the country, minimum," Obama said.

"Young people's percentage of the vote goes up 25-30 percent. So we're in a position to put states in play that haven't been in play since LBJ."

"If we just got African-Americans in Mississippi to vote their percentage of the population, Mississippi is suddenly a Democratic state," Obama said. He said Georgia would also turn Democratic and South Carolina would be in play.

What dumbfounds me is that analysts (apparently, such as Herbert) will read Obama's comments and say "Well, Obama didn't say 'Clinton can't turn out the black vote' now did he? He just said he could turn out more black and young voters than anyone else, if he is the nominee." Context is everything. When you say "I guarantee a certain turnout, if I am the nominee" you are saying that NO ONE ELSE CAN DO THAT. In other words, you are saying Clinton will have a negative effect on black voter turnout. In addition, when you talk about black voter turnout based on you being the nominee and you are a black person and you don't explain on what basis you believe that will take place, on its face, it is clearly a statement of racial preferences.

On top of that, please note the words "if I'm the nominee." Given the context, one could conclude that if Obama isn't the nominee, he WON'T work to increase black and young people turn out. Interesting, don't you think? Mr. Herbert?

Not once in this entire campaign has Clinton made such an equally arrogant and clearly divisive statement about women voters, even if it may be true or it is supported by the data. She has never made such a divisive claim. But, of course, Clinton gets no credit for that.

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