Are we going to Denver? You bet your ass we're going to Denver

Today is PUMA's one month birthday. It was Tuesday evening, June 3, when I pressed "publish" on the first blog post and Puma PAC was born. Overnight I watched as 35,000 people clicked on the post. Since then we've had 600,000 visitors, thousands of members officially join us, and thousands of women and men from around the country (and the world) flood our mailboxes and comment threads with offers to help.

In our first month we have sent THOUSANDS of letters to the DNC, the Obama Campaign, and elected officials around the country. We have handed out flyers, brought home-made signs to Unity, New Hampshire, and spread our message like wild-fire on national and local TV. We have faxed, emailed, and called our leaders on the phone to give them one, unequivocal message: We are the VOTERS. This is OUR party. Stop dividing us; start leading us; and RESPECT THE VOICE OF THE VOTERS.

Here's the lesson the DNC and the Obama campaign have taken away from our phenomenally successful efforts in our FIRST 30 days: "Holy smokes, Howard! They're going to swing this election! What are we going to doooo?!!"

This ever-hardening conviction is the reason the trolls are up in arms. It's why Obama dragged Hillary to Unity NH for the Clown Show.

It's why the Bots have been furiously trying to shut down blogs, email accounts, and web pages; scurrilously purging and attacking political dissenters like angry, desperate rats.

It's why the less shady and slimy bloggers like Amanda Marcotte and Huffington Post have launched a personal humiliation and ridicule campaign against people like Riverdaughter, Will Bower, Diane Montavoulos, Paula Abeles, and me.

In the next month we have the opportunity for thousands more to join us. As tensions and hopes rise in the run-up to the August convention there will be confusion, anger, and a growing will to ACTION in the hearts of millions of Democrats around the country who are astonished at how cynically, hypocritically, and flat-out cravenly the DNC and the Obama campaign have tried to play us.

Race-baiting? Check. Class-warfare? Check. Voter suppression? Check. Sexism and misogyny? Check. Voting irregularities? Check. Back room deals? Check. Pandering and purging? Check. Disenfranchisement? Check.

The only entry in the Karl Rove playbook that David Axelrod and Barack Obama have not yet used (but hold onto your hats, folks! It's a comin') is outright STEALING of the election.

Our only protection against the Obama Movement's plan to force this election using any means possible is to MAKE IT TOO HARD TO STEAL. We must stay united in our Protest of the Election or they will seize their opportunity to tip the scales once again. Remember, this is Chicago-style politics.

Win at any cost is the mantra. Small "irregularities" that are hard to trace and nearly impossible to prove are the means. In a CLOSE ELECTION they will PLAY THEIR ACE CARD.

If you don't believe David Axelrod and Barack Obama don't have both the intention and the means to steal a close election, you haven't been paying attention. You did watch the elections of 2000 and 2004, right? You do remember that the only reason the Republicans couldn't steal the 2006 midterms is because for once, for once!, the damn thing was NOT too close to steal.

For the first time in a VERY LONG time, the Democratic Party was NOT divided. We were united. We attracted fed-up Republicans. Swing voters supported our candidates by the millions.

And we swept into Congress, state capitols, and Governors' mansions around the country.
We were UNITED.

The fact that the inept leadership of the DNC had less influence in the individual state elections also helped.

The only way the Democratic Party wins elections is when its coalition members are UNITED.

The Obama campaign DIVIDED the party and they and their Movement Followers comfort themselves with the Hope that they have won the crown.

Every day the realization becomes clearer to them that have lost and that they will lose.

Barack Obama agreed to David Axelrod's plan to win the battle and lose the war: to ruthlessly split the party in two in order to SEIZE the nomination from the person who had won the hearts and the VOTES of more Democrats in the history of primary campaigns.
Shakespeare anyone?

Hundreds of people ask us if we're going to Denver. Are we going to march on the convention; demand that Hillary's delegates are allowed to vote; demand that Hillary Clinton be allowed to deliver a free and honest speech.

Are we going to Denver? You bet your ass we're going to Denver.

I don't care if there are only 50 middle-aged women like me standing in the rain with fanny packs and homemade signs. I don't care if the inept, elitist clowns who have the audacity to believe they in any way deserve to be called leaders continue to pretend to ignore us; continue to attack us like dogs; continue to undermine, ridicule, bully, and harass us.

Are we going to Denver? Will we be there to witness the final act in the Shakespearean tragedy that Axelrod, Obama, and Dean have staged for us against our will and without our permission?

We wouldn't miss it for the world.

If you want to go to Denver for front-row seats to the tragedy, pick up your tickets here. We'll provide a plan, signs, permits, and a film crew. You provide yourself, your fanny pack, your righteous indignation, and your voice.

Darragh C. Murphy
Executive Director
Puma PAC

By now you have heard about the PUMA movement: People United Means Action (which grew out of Party Unity My Ass).

Darragh Murphy, 39 year old, woman, from Boston, MA, email

Murphy on Fox and Friends
Murphy on New England Cable News

Murphy is the Founder and Executive Director of, a political action committee (PAC) registered with the FEC and organized as a 527 Organization with the IRS.

Murphy brought the blog site up on June 3, 2008 and had 30,000 hits in the first 8 hours and has maintained that intensity with ½ million hits in first 4 weeks.

Murphy and PUMApac have already raised tens of thousands of dollars and are on target to reach the $100,000 mark in July, 2008.

PUMApac is growing daily and transforming casual browsers into devoted members by the thousands. Within three days, members joined from every state (50 not 57), Washington DC and Puerto Rico.

1. Changing the leadership of the Democratic National Committee
2. Reforming the primary system so that it reflects the principle of ONE VOTER, ONE VOTE
3. Supporting those Democrats who stand up for a TRUE Coalition party
4. Taking a stand against the blatant sexism in the mainstream media

PUMApac has focused the American voters' disgust and anger over the trampling of their civil rights during the 2008 presidential primary into a cohesive, grassroots movement with long term goals of permanent change to the Democratic Party.


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