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All feminists are disgusted by Barrack Hussein Obama's filthy sexist attitude toward the slave clothes of Muslim women and his filthy sexist comments implying that they freely chose to confine themselves by "choice" "choosing" to wear the veil. Immediately afterward Hillary appeared on western TV with a head scarf in front of a Mosque. Condi Rice never stooped to wear a head covering. Only the Democrat Obama groupies would demean their self and betray free women that way to obey their leader, just as they did during his election. Obama is destroying democracy. He is worse than Bush for women. He has knowingly appointed an anti choice woman to the Supreme Court and his Secretary of State is freely choosing to cover her hair like a slave to the patriarchy.

Please read Phyllis Cheslers latest post: Obama Throws Muslim Women Under the Bus

...And, when it comes to diplomacy, reciprocity is even more important than relativism. Why do Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi wear “shmattas” when they accompany the President to Saudi Arabia or when they meet with Syria’s President (whose own wife does not cover her hair?) Surely, since this is the case, we would expect the (non-existent) Arab Muslim female diplomats to the West or at least the male diplomat’s wives to follow Western customs when they are in the West.

However, this is not what they do. In fact, David Rusin, at IslamistWatch has just posted a piece titled “Hijab bullies want everyone to cover up.” He notes that a British Muslim dentist in the UK refuses to treat women who are not wearing hijab—not even if they are in pain; and that a schoolteacher assistant of Pakistani descent in Norway has tricked six year old girls into wearing hijab because, they were told, it would make them “prettier.”

Rusin’s conclusion:
”People like (the dentist) and the pushy classroom helper (in Norway) thus provide a service of sorts. By crossing a line that wiser Islamists do not cross, they expose Islamism for what it is: a radical ideology whose adherents will prolong tooth discomfort and pressure six-year-olds in order to have their way. (Thanks Rosanne Klass for calling this article to my attention).’s what Ayaan Hirsi Ali had to say in an interview with Jeb Golinkin for the New Majority.


President Obama’s speech didn’t do much for Muslim women. He defended their rights in Western countries to wear the hijab. He didn’t touch on Muslim women being confined, being forced into marriages or being victims of honor killings: These traditions and principles in the Koran and in Islam are being practiced in the West. He didn’t address that.

I think he was just appeasing the Muslim world because they perceive–they have these notions that Muslim women in Western countries–are not allowed to wear the headscarf or cover themselves. I mean you can wear whatever you want in the United States.

In Egypt where he spoke, women who do not wear their veil in public are subjected to very obscene remarks on the street and even sexual assault. Nowadays, even if they are covered they become victims of the same things: That is, in public, in Egypt, as a woman, you run 80% of the time the risk of being assaulted simply because you are a woman walking down the street.

They are forced into marriages; their testimony in countries where Sharia is law is just half of that of a man. They can be divorced with no rights. They need guardians, a married guardian or they cannot sign any legal papers. The President simply did not address Sharia or Islamic law in relation to women.

In his speech in Cairo, President Obama threw Muslim women under the bus. He threw Muslim feminists, reformers, and dissidents under the next bus. Obviously, I will return to this subject soon again.....................READ MORE HERE


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