Take Action to Support Women and the Nationwide Uprising in Iran

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Take Action to Support Women and the Nationwide Uprising in Iran

BOSTON, MA - Thousands of women have been arrested, beaten and many have been killed over their last several weeks in Iran. On Friday, July 17, a prominent lawyer, journalist and women's rights activist, Ms. Shadi Sadr was arrested and taken to an unknown location. Eyewitnesses report that several plainclothes agents attacked Ms. Sadr in Keshavarz Boulevard in Tehran and while beating her with clubs, forced her into a car and drove away.

As Ms. Sadr's kidnapping took place on Friday, body of a 28-year-old women's activist, Ms. Tahereh Mousavi, was found in the west part of Tehran. On June 17, 2009, Ms. Mousavi was kidnapped by plainclothes agents and taken to a safe house for torture. Ms. Mousavi was raped and her body was burnt to disguise the signs of torture. According to reports from Iran, two weeks after Ms. Mousavi's arrest, an anonymous caller told her mother that Taraneh's corpse was in Karaj hospital. After weeks of search, her body was discovered between Karaj and Qazvin, west of Tehran.
There is no doubt that Ms. Sadr, along with hundreds of other women who have been arrested and kidnapped over the past several weeks, face imminent threat of torture and unspeakable danger.

The leaders of the free world and civil societies must take urgent action to ensure the release of political prisoners in Iran. Silence and inaction is not an option. Such crimes against the Iranian people will continue so long as the regime in Tehran is in power. Iranian people, particularly women and youth, are risking their lives everyday to bring an end to such crimes and atrocities.

You can help them by:

- Urging President Obama to declare Tehran's regime illegitimate and call for international boycott until the violence, torture and execution stops.

- Urging members of congress (House and Senate) to issue a resolution and condemn the ongoing atrocities and call for immediate release of all political prisoners in Iran.

- Urging the UN Secretary General, Ban Ki-moon to declare the illegitimacy of the Tehran's regime by vacating Iran's UN seat. The seat belongs to Iranian people and not the current regime in Tehran.

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The International Campaign to close down Iranian Embassies

The world must know that the only way out of political Islam and its global aggression is to support the movement of people of Iran to overthrow the Islamic Republic and defend "freedom, equality, prosperity", for the people of Iran. The People in Iran have spoken. They are demonstrating in the streets, and universities.

People in Iran want to overthrow the entire Islamic Republic of Iran, for its terror, imprisonment, gender discriminations, denial of all social and personal freedom and mass execution. They want to get rid of this cruel government for imposing the most inhuman, brutal, misogynist and backward roles on people. Iranian people want universal human and civil rights to become the benchmark.

Never has it been so urgent to stand firm by the people of Iran and proclaim that:

? the Islamic Republic of Iran is directly responsible for
terrorizing people globally with its daily crimes against humanity from Iran, Afghanistan and Pakistan to Algeria and Palestine, even in the heart of Europe and the North America; from imposing reactionary and anti-human Islamic laws on people, from beheading and mutilations, to planting bombs and mass murder in buses, café and discotheques;

? the Islamic Republic of Iran is directly responsible for
sustaining terrorism as a main tool in further deepening the national, ethnic and religious splits in the Middle East and keeping alive this conflict as political capital and source for its power;

? that every one of the leaders of Islamic Republic of Iran, be
it so-called reformists such Khatami, Rafsanjani, and Mosavi or hard liners such as Ahmadinezhad, Khamenei are directly responsible for assassinations and executions of over hundred thousand of Iranian activists both in Iran and abroad;

? that defeating the Islamic Republic in Iran is a prerequisite
for demolishing political Islam as a movement, aspiring political power in the Middle East. Without the Islamic Republic of Iran, political Islam will become a trivial and insignificant opposition in the Middle East;

? that President Ahmadinejad along with other leaders of Islamic
Regime of Iran has violated Articles 9, 10, 11 and 19 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights;

and therefore demand:

? To close down all Iranian embassies

? To freeze all bank accounts of the leaders of Islamic Republic of

? To expel the Islamic Republic from all the International Agencies

? To trial all the leaders of the Islamic Republic of Iran in an
international court for their crimes against humanity, in particular in Iran

Homa Arjomand

The coordinator of The International Campaign to close down Iranian Embassies




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