John Roberts vs Bread and Roses

I thought I could not stand to watch the John Roberts hearing as I have a very dark view of the future.

I believe that women will suffer a loss of rights in this country because they did not support the liberation of their sisters in Iraq and Afghanistan, by which I mean - did not support the war of liberation - did not make themselves into an organized political power (inside a powerful coalition of those who oppose theocracy) to advocate for women's rights in the middle east
- did not demand battered women's shelters be established
- did not do anything but watch Republican women do it all.
here I would use the fed reports to list all the things republican women did do (which shock most feminist - trafficking - child brides- genital mutilation, they worked on a lot of things we never heard them do before)

Feminist organizations made no attempt to be relevant in that struggle except to say that the struggle was not relevant to them. They did not organize, they watched while others organized.

Now what they sent out will come back at them - 3 times heavier.

They gave away their opportunity to generate independent political power and instead became partisans for the democrats, abandoned their sisters for John Kerry.

Now they can watch Kohl and Feingold vote for Roberts.

They did not attempt to gain power and now they have no power.

Several months ago I wrote a friend that it was too late, too late because my voice told me the time was past wherein US feminist could organize to save their sisters or by extension their selves.

John Robert's wife is a member of "Feminists" for Life (FFL), the most despicable of all the right to life groups as it is the most dishonest.

None of those women have ever worked on any campaign for women's rights. The only rights they are concerned with is their own rights. I also notice none of them have many children.

In religious cults where the women really do not use birth control they have a child every year so families consist of at least 6 children. Many die in childbirth. Perhaps FFL are "feminists" in the sense that they do not believe as does the majority of the life movement that birth control is abortion. Therefore they can use birth control. Yes, the FFL are quite radical when something involves THEIR rights. It is other people's rights they seek to limit.

Also, I did not want to listen to the Democrats pontificate when I know they will eventually vote to confirm him as Chief Justice anyway. All talk but no filibuster. Most of all I did not want to listen to hypocritical, lying Republicans talk about "activists" vs "strict" constructionists. Listen to them talk about judicial restraint when they will bring back the Star Chamber and the tyranny of the judiciary.

I did not want to listen to their cheap praise of a man who will do the legal equivalent of burning women at the stake.

But the entire legal system is such a hypocritical, pedantic, bunch of slimebags that I believe it is one judge away from being pulled down by its' victims so what is one more slimebag anyway? The more they appoint, the more it will become clear to those asleep that radical reform is the only answer.

So I did not want to watch the hearings. However, flicking the remote I paused.

There is an old saying about the swan who dying sings the most beautiful song of its' life - the symbol of grace.

So I will say to all of you who are strong women to go to C-Span and download the speech of Diane Feinstein who gave an eloquent history of the struggle for women's rights, so eloquent that I cried listening to it.

"I feel an obligation as the only woman on the Senate Judiciary Committee" ...only 85 years "since we gained the right to vote."..... "the most important right won being the right to privacy" elegant tribute to her friend who killed herself upon learning she was pregnant,
her memories of the women sentenced to prison for abortion, stories of the time when birth control was against the law and the back ally botched deaths..."I do not want to go back to that cesspool"

"I would find it impossible to vote for someone I knew would vote to overturn Roe v Wade".

Feinstein went on to speak of the separation of church and state as another sacred right of United States of citizens recounting the time she visited Germany and saw all these bronzed shoes on the banks of the Danube. Asking why, she learned that the Nazi made 300 Jews take off their shoes before shooting them and letting their bodies float down the river.

At this point they cut her off..........She promised more this afternoon. Thank You Diane - one thousand roses to you.

As we come marching marching
unnumbered women dead
go crying through our
their ancient call for bread
Small art and love and beauty
their drudging spirits knew
Yes it is bread we fight for but
fight for roses too

As we come marching marching
we bring the
greater day
the rising of the women is the rising of the race
No more the
drudge and idler
ten that toil while one reposes
But a sharing of life's
Bread and Roses
Bread and Roses
Lawrence, Mass 1912 women's textile strike song


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