Islamic Fascist Week

This link is to part of a speech given by Donna M. Hughes, Professor and Carlson Endowed Chairperson of the University of Rhode Island Women’s Studies Program, at last night’s feature for Islamic-Fascism Awareness Week . This link goes to her website - the publication page - click her links to get to her home page. This woman is a brilliant feminist and I admire her writing.

Phyllis Chesler's remarks at Islamic Fascists Week are at this link - see the first and second post. The first is a transcript of her remarks and the second (part one) post is her confrontation with the left over her work with conservative women. I cannot say how much I admire this feminist's writings, especialy two books, "Woman's Inhumanity to Women" and "The Death of Feminism". Since Chesler was one of the founding members of the feminist movement, the left has a hard time discrediting her. So they deny she exists.

I am so angry - I tried to post Phyllis Chesler's speech under a really filthy piece of trashing done by Barbara Ehrenreich on the website "Common Dreams Newscenter", titled "It is Islamic Fascist Week". Common Dreams Newscenter is a so called "progressive" newsletter. Ehrenreich's piece did not deal with the substantive issues but instead trashed those who organized the teach ins in order to prevent the real issues from being discussed.

Not only did "Common Dreams" refuse to post Phyllis's remarks but when they saw it, they removed all my posts. I wrote on Islam's fascist treatment of women. I had quoted Chesler extensively.

Common Dreams has fixed their blog so it will not accept my posts now. I assure you, all my posts were very reasonable. They were met with terrific hate filled posts by the "regulars" but I did not respond in kind. In fact, I was extremely civil.

This is how the left thinks it can organize. Lies, denial, silencing, bullying - they use fools as tools and it works. I hope the sisters wake up to this. No political group stands for women but feminist and no one is a feminist who does not stand for women. The left are real demigods. Simply erase dissent. How clever. No wonder they supported Stalin. They still are supporting Stalin. What hideous traitors to democracy.
I urge all of you to take Phyllis Chesler's remarks at the Chesler Chronicles and post them on that site under another user ID they have not yet blocked. Common Dreams BE is at: here

Every time they remove Chesler's remarks let another person go there and post them. "Common Dreams" gives no explanation for removing Chesler's remarks, even though I wrote and asked why.

Barbara Ehrenreich's article trashed every person associated with the IF Week , so we absolutely have a right to respond.

Please help me do this - tell everyone you know. If PC cannot answer BE, then they should remove Ehrenreich's essay trashing Islamic Fascist Week and its' sponsors.

Arianna Huffing ton writes for them, write her and tell her about this. Phyllis Chesler's remarks should be allowed to answer Barbara Ehrenreich
To those of you kind enough to post Phyllis's speech - clearly label it, "A transcript of P. Chesler's remarks at the Islamic Fascist Teach In".

If you manage to get that posted and not removed, then someone else should also post "Part One" as "Phyllis Chesler's Answer to Why Feminists can work with Conservative Women".

Thank You - We will Not be Silenced!


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