Immigration and feminist foreign policy

The immigration issue has always been important to feminist. The greatest injustice has been done to feminist who wrote on immigration and its' effect on the rights of women. The left is quick to label all honest discussion racist so that feminists are afraid to discuss it at all. But these are false feminist - real feminists know that their personal feelings of threat come from their experiences in the world as it is. We can discuss how and why our interests as free women ought to be reflected in immigration policy.

Here is a start. Perhaps future critics will deal with the actual arguments rather than their tired labels.

1. Tolerance of illegal immigration. Illegal immigration benefits wealthy US citizens who want a desperate lower class for cheap labor. Foreign patriarchies will never give women the right to control their own reproduction while they are allowed to export the great illiterate masses this religious policy produces.

China being a case on point. China does not urge its' overpopulations to leave the country and mail back foreign currency, so eventually the state had to limit reproduction. As it is, they waited too long. Currently, China is a sewer of barbaric practices against animals and the earth.

Overpopulation leads to devastation of all other species. Factory farmed animals get plague like illnesses and billions are killed in horrible ways. Without any protection for workers, there is no protection for the consumer. Toxic products from exploited resources are killing our planet.

People should be forced to live in their own overpopulated mess. Then they will learn the lesson of limited resources regardless of what their corrupt priests tell them. People will learn especially if US foreign aid provides safe birth control and abortion as an alternative to continual animal like reproduction. Women will never be free unless they can reject childbirth.

Mass polluter's and area exploiters should be forced to fund the clean-ups with population and sustenance clinics. Instead of forcing people to accept a religion to eat as US missionaries do now, USAID with a new staff can trade human rights for food and medicine. Population control should be a sacrament. Population control - earth rights - economic rights, all weigh against feminist tolerance of illegal immigration

2. Feminist Impact on Immigration Policy. In rejecting illegal immigration we must also demand a feminist impact on the legal process. Assimilation and human rights advancement weigh in for demanding an acceptance of our laws regarding the rights of family members.

No immigrant who refuses to give up the veil, purda, polygamy, his right to honor homicide, etc. and who refuses to accept secular society should be admitted to the US for education, vacation, employment or citizenship.

No woman in this country should be allowed to wear a veil at employment, in court or on the street. Muslim women who apply for citizenship accepting these conditions should be given the status of political refugee immigrants. All women freed from trafficking should be trained to work in the country of origin for the OIWI.

3. ERA. It is pathetic that the US refused to pass the Equal Rights Amendment to the US Constitution so women's rights are not protected in the US constitution.

At least we have Supreme Court decisions that can serve as a framework for teaching US Standards for woman's fundamental rights in a democracy. Explaining how women's rights are related to constitutionally enumerated rights, such as the right to privacy and speech, etc.

You can see that constitutional and family court lawyers will form the backbone of media and on-line projects that teach secular law. The UN projects can develop communication with women all over the world. Connections can be facilitated with wireless computer devices and media development.

Constitutional law can be taught employing universal translators. Women from the US could speak with women in the country getting the on-line classes. They can hear from other women how things really are under the law. Such "education" is legitimate. They have spent millions on education at the UN but it is not this connecting transforming education.

US federalism, state relationship to federal govt. to judiciary, checks and balances - the federalist papers - the need for voting registration and secure elections recorded counting and broacasr results. These skill need to be developed in the US to be taught abroad.

Our respect for minority speech but intolerance for force against others regardless of behavior. The bill of individual rights, court case interpretations - secular and civil system must be taught and universal translators must be utilized. The US revolutionary war and financil reconstruction. History of slave emancipation in US must be taught to countries freeing women from slavery. The Office on Global Women's Issues can teach this through the internet and other wireless media.

Forums of discussion between US and women in other countries about how it really is compared to how it is supposed to be and the problems feminists found solutions for when they organized for change. must be facilitated in countries where we hope to substitute democracy for religious law.


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