Women Wake Up

Tammy Bruce, former NOW president is speaking out against NOW for not supporting the teacher in Sudan who will receive 40 lashes for allowing her students to name a teddy bear Mohamed. Let's not even mention the rape victim getting 200 lashes in Saudi Arabia. NOW doesn't mention her either.

Bruce said it is disgusting that the feminist movement is so left now that they cannot speak out against the most vile forms of religious oppression. She said not once did NOW or any feminist organization speak out and mobilize to support Muslim women against the oppression of their religion and their priest rulers in Afghanistan or Iraq.

I say right on sister. Who ARE these people that keep collecting money in the name of the feminist movement based on the work women such as myself did?

Where were these opportunist then, when there was real work being done? Slinking around in bars, acting out their childhood traumas, coming to meetings to invent drama, that is where they were, distracting women focused on the goal.

Most of the women who gave their lives to the feminist movement went on to "real" life, got jobs in the world, and took on other responsibilities. Only the bottom feeders stayed, endlessly fighting for power in the organization, criticizing every petty detail of the work real feminist did, demanding ideological purity in the extreme, trashing, absorbed in the drama they created when ever a normal person tried to intervene and move the organization toward institutional change. This went on until everyone serious about social change was gone in disgust.

And in fairness, the time for movement ran out. There is a rhythm to social change, an ebb and flow which needs a time of adjustment after major change.

Now when people say, where is the feminist movement, the answered is that the feminist are scattered across the landscape and not organized. But we ought to be clear that they are not in national NOW for sure.

I am horrified to think that our organization will become like the civil rights organizations, the NAACP and others. They are without national perspective, have no systemic analysis based on institutional racism, are useless to black advancement, defending thugs like Michael Vick, associating with abusers like Vick and Michael Jackson, waiting for handouts from the filth of the world.

What can feminists do to take back our organizations before these traitors to women get the reward for their silence from the next administration? We must find out when the national elections will be held - form a party and run as a block for national NOW election. You must be sent from the local chapter to the national convention as a delegate to vote for the president. Elect Tammy Bruce. That means we have to join the local chapters.


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