Don't Shoot the Cat Speaks

Dear fellow dontshootthecatters, this is Ted with WisconsinCAT.

First and foremost, I wanted to sincerely thank you all for your help and support of our last effort - our drive to stop "question-62" (the cat-hunting proposal). You made the difference with your e-mails, resource-support, and networked involvement.

We need your help again. While hunters sought to put our cats in the crosshairs, we are now fighting for a more humane result for the same cats at the hands of our local animal-control/sheltering agencies.

As reported on the front-page of last week's Isthmus newspaper, our local shelter (Dane County Humane Society) is now killing over 40% of the cats it takes in, the worst performance in over seven years.

We seek to change this. Check out our website at for details on what's happening and how we aim to change things.

Join us!

Ted - WisconsinCAT


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