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from Angry For A Reason on the Post "What is Going on with the Party"
Old green said...
I will never vote for Senator Obama. He is a tool of the corporations. His environmental policy is a nightmare. Has anyone else picked up on the creepy support he is getting from NBC and MSNBC(owned by GE)? The same GE that makes nuclear plants. BO is a proponent of nuclear power. Senator Clinton clearly states that we can't go for nuclear power until the waste issue has a viable solution.

Keep up the good work.

There is a new comment on the Reclusive Leftist, see post "Understanding Obamamania: the triumph of Republican-style politics".
Author: Susan Mayhew
Your words were so prophetic and on target as usual.The link below goes to the latest Huffingon Post love fest for Obama, but this story is almost unbelievable. In courting the religious right (those who 'cling' to church according to the arrogant fraud)a new flier is being sent out in Kentucky (where he is not expected to win).

It is almost comical if it weren't so blatantly immoral and patronizing to people of faith; it shows the messiah BO in a church with a cross behind him (a white cross - courting the KKK?) as if preaching to a congregation.

The image is ridiculous and insulting - more evidence of BO's crass drive to win at any costs. I can only hope that the counter ad is the one that quotes him as judging people of faith as 'bitter'.This man is sick and he's more savvy than Bush who seems more and more his prototype.The 'great guy' whose unbridled ego will drive the US to complete ruin.

There is a new comment on Reclusive Leftist, see the post "Understanding Obamamania: the triumph of Republican-style politics".
Author: Susan Mayhew
Ryan - you believe this campaign is not mean? Google anti-Hillary and read the 20 odd pages of disgusting insults by the Obama crowd. See my link above where he exploits evangelicals (those he judged 'bitter').Just saying words do not effect anything - 'Change', 'Hope', 'Unity' - are meaningless when uttered by the misogynist Obama supporters who speak for him.

You are a man and can mock the destruction he's perpetuated as over reaction - you've never been raped and many of us have been raped again by the hatred and disrespect heaped on Clinton.
'Unity'? There is no unity in his campaign.

I am 60 and Obama's campaign is the most destructive I've ever seen. The sexism is monstrous - but it reveals him.Just the other day he put off a reporter with 'just hold on 'sweetie''.. what ifa white man called a black reporter 'boy'? would that sit well with you?

As a man you can't understand the impact of the sexist remarks made either by Obama or his minions - but understand this - many of us will not vote for him as a result of his and his supporters' repellent tactics

Greenconsciousness notes: After BO said IN EVERY DEBATE that he would talk with Iran and Syria with no preconditions and inferred he would do it with any tyrant or patriarch on the face of the earth, he is denying he ever said it. Or rather BO is saying people are misinterpreting what he meant when he said it. This is not the interesting part.

The interesting part is that no media station is playing the tapes of BO making those statements. How often did we see the Bosnia false recollections which were not about what Hillary would do as president but rather about something that happened 15 years ago. Answer: they played them a hundred times a day. Now in response to Bush's statements in Israel, BO issues a totally false misinterpretation of his own stated policy, redefining language and intention and not one clip of his actual statement is shown. Instead his lying response is read 100 times a day in what seems to be an effort to obscure what BO actually said.

SEE the first comment above to solve this mystery.


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