But Mom, Everybody 's Doing It

Here is something I wish our better writers would post about. Is anyone as insulted as I am over this meme of "all candidates move to the right in the general election" as an excuse for Nobama actually changing his previous primary positions? Moving to the right used as a cover, as an excuse for actually lying to the base in order to defeat your primary opponent?

I did not see the kind of extreme changes after a primary in past elections as are put forth by Obama in this election.

Kerry "flip flopped " to explain a vote previous to the Primary. Obama is not doing what other candidates have done. He adopted radical positions before and during the primary in order to defeat Hillary; positions Hillary bravely refused because she knew they were impossible.

Hillary would not have needed to change positions in the general election because she had the Center and the working class with the platform she was honest enough to put forth in the debates. Her ideas, most of which Nobama parroted, were sensible, radical and acceptable to the working class in the US. Hillary would have known how to sell them as is but BO only knows how to pander. So his minions go forth to tell us betrayal is the norm.

And now after, Change, Believe, cultists, Wall Street, and political opportunists, along with the corporate party bo$$es, stole the primary for him, Nobama immediately begins to lie to the Right to gain a new source of votes and revenue.

BO flip flop lies are a new evil in terms of the US political history. And those who lie about history and previous norms in order to support him and excuse Bo's behavior are part of that evil.

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Blogger Octogalore said...

I agree. "Everybody does it" is an excuse and an inaccurate one.

6:26 PM  
Blogger Greenconsciousness said...

whoohooooo - what an honor to meet you here - feeding the cats - going to work - much love to you !

6:40 AM  

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