Letter to Hillary

Mark at Democrat in Exile answered Hillary's call to tell her what is important to her through Hillpack and inspired me to do the same. I used his words in part of this letter with quotes. I hope you will also write her.

Dear Honorable Senator Clinton:

Thank you for asking about what matters to us. I used to care most about democrat party primary reform to include the following:
(a)caucuses are eliminated,
(b)republican crossover voting is eliminated,
(c)the (super) delegate system is eliminated and every vote counts,
(d)the convention delegates vote for the candidate who won the popular vote in their state by a majority of the votes counted excluding caucuses.

But then I read this on the behind the scene work of the corporate democrats whom we all have hated as they lose us Roe and Equal Pay WHEN THEY HAVE BEEN THE MAJORITY. They think they can frighten us into voting for their empty suits while the Republicans continue to use their ambition to trick them into self defeating actions.

The Repubs also use the left's sexism, reverse racism and identity politics against them. Please read this article about Brazile and Pelosi:

"You believe in party unity, but there can be no unity when the party ignores the popular vote, disenfranchises voters, and opts for centralized power over the will of the people. Unity cannot take place in an atmosphere of disrespect for democracy, democratic processes, and the will of the people.

So, what matters to me is that you stand up for democracy and honor the will of the people and make sure that you are on the nomination ballot at the Democratic Convention.

In my opinion, this country needs a viable third party, and the women of America, along with a bunch of men could create a viable, long-term, third party. True coalition building does not happen in two-party systems. You have the potential to be the first modern-day independent president."

I want a third party that truly stands for the working class, protects the jobs of CITIZENS, creates equal rights for women globally (through the IVAWA) and at home and protects the environment through the proposals you made in the primaries.

Get ready to lead this new third party as soon as the elections are over because Mccain is going to win.


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