Right at the very beginning of recorded and spoken history, a cast system based on gender was propagated and enforced that exists to this day. It is evidenced today by the vitriolic manner of the victorious over the vanquished.

While the Democratic leadership is singing Kum-bay-yah and urging unity, the blogistani have continued their attempt to wipe any and all opposition to their candidate off the Net. Women’s blogs are a target and our right to dissent is the first victim of the yeswecanshutyouup,bitch! New BOrder.

Blogs that do not conform to the New Democratic Party are being flooded with so much nasty garbage that the administrators are forced to shut down or spend all their time sifting through for intelligent discussion comments to publish.

Anglachel’s Journal reports: “I know a number of pro-Hillary bloggers have been targeted for shut down by reporting them as spam sites.” Gendergappers is under such an attack right now.

Remember these are Democrats that are doing this. As we have mentioned before, the Republicans DO NOT DERROGATE THEIR WOMEN CANDIDATES OR WIVES. It’s the Party that claims to be FOR WOMEN’S rights that savages their own.

"The new name for the Democratic National Committee: Obama Idolaters National Committee – OINC. “Chicago corruption: decades of sleeze” – Anglachel"


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